New Watches, Hi-Fi Audio and the Old Glory of Havana

The best of this week’s original reporting.

Emiliano Granado

In the internet era, it’s too easy to click through a few websites, nab some hi-res images, paste in a few links, write up something pithy and call it “journalism.” A better term? Alternative journalism. Real gumshoeing requires a bit more effort — getting on the phone, paying a visit and talking to and documenting things that happen in real life. At Gear Patrol, we send our team around the corner and around the world to get on-the-ground, original reporting that’s exclusive to us. It is one part of our coverage of products and makers and experiences, and we hope it’s something that will keep you coming back. For a small sample, here’s some of our best old-school original reporting from the week. – Matthew Ankeny

The Most Beautiful Analog Audio Equipment Around

The Modern Record Console is the holy grail of audiophiles showpieces. It’s crafted out of American Walnut and plate steel, and comes with a hand built tube amp, hand-wired tube amplifier, two 6.5-inch full range speakers, sub and built-in turntable has a carbon fiber tonearm. It also weighs 300 pounds and costs $20,000.

We meet the men behind Symbol Audio, who are best known for their vintage-inspired audio products, including the $20,000 Modern Record Console.

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The Best Watches of SIHH 2017


New timepieces from SIHH, including Jaeger-LeCoultre, A. Lange & Söhne, Audemars Piguet and more.

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A Review of the Brentwood Hotel


The Brentwood Hotel in Saratoga Springs is an updated motor lodge on the Saratoga Race Course, and a perfect long-weekend escape.

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Words Without Context

A Notable Quote fromt the Week

“The first thing that hits you after you land at José Martí International Airport and clear customs is how fertile the country is — everything is the lush green of leaves or the red of tilled farmland. The second thing is the smell of gasoline.” – Travis Smith

A Report from Nürburgring Race Track


We took the Porsche Panamera and Porsche 918 Spyder to the most famous race track in the world.

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A Report from the Race of Champions


The Race of Champions was held on US soil for the first time in Miami this weekend. We were on the ground to capture all the action.

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Vintage Car–Spotting in Cuba


We visit A Lo Cubano, one of Cuba’s most prestigious car clubs for vintage American cars, to talk about Havana’s collector culture.

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What It’s Like to Visit Havana


A visit to the Cuban capital as part of the first wave of American dollars, set on seeing things as they were, and maybe as they will be.

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