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A week’s worth of great deals.


Editor’s Note: These deals happened between Monday and Friday of the prior week. Some are still available, some have faded like a copper sunset. Check back on Monday for more Deals of Note.

Topo Designs Mountain Fleece

Save $40: A cozy fleece pullover, with retro styling and reinforced nylon elbow patches. A must-have layering piece for outdoorsmen and city slickers alike.

Buy Now: $89

Club Monaco Slim Winter Ombre Shirt

Save $41: Everyone has a shirt in some variation of plaid, but ombre plaid — fuzzed-out lines, muted colors — is a bit more rare. And rare is always eye-catching.

Buy Now: $89

Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

Save $13: The Storm is a great mid-level headlamp, with 250 lumens of power for a light beam that travels about 80 meters, and a rugged, waterproof housing.

Buy Now: $37

Amazon 7-Inch Fire Tablet

Save $10: Amazon’s entry-level Fire Tablet streams millions of movies and TV shows, holds up to 200 gigs worth of games, music and books, has Alexa built in, and comes in four colors. Forty bucks?! Might as well get one for each family member.

Buy Now: $40

Stanley 8-Ounce Adventure Stainless Steel Flask

Save $6: Built to take a lifetime of beating (Stanley guarantees it, in fact), all while slowly achieving the patina of grandad’s old thermos.

Buy Now: $12

Howlin’ Mahony Hat

Save $16: Manufactured and hand-finished in Scotland with ultra-soft lambswool, this hat is one of many sale items at The Hill-Side. See the whole sale collection here.

Buy Now: $38

Woolrich Men’s Oxbow Bend Plaid Flannel Shirt

Save $35: A pure and classic plaid flannel, from a centruies-old American brand that practically invented the flannel shirt.

Buy Now: $30

X-Chef Stainless Steel French Press

Save $10: Double wall–insulated and highly durable, this simple French press brews up to 1 liter of hot (or cold) beverages.

Buy Now: $23

Oak Leaf Antique 40W LED Bulb (6-Pack)

Save $89: Add a bit of rustic charm to any lamp with this Edison-inspired LED lightbulb. It fits in most household light sockets and, being LED, lasts for dozens of years.

Buy Now: $19

Patagonia Micro D Fleece Pullover

Save $21: A soft, quick-drying, eco-friendly fleece mid-layer, great for winter layering or for crisp spring days.

Buy Now: $41

Food52 Black Perigord Truffle (1 Ounce)

Save $20: One of the rarest and most sought-after delicacies — “Black Gold,” as it’s called — sourced from a small farm in Seatac, Washington. (Pro tip: it’d make for an unforgettable breakfast in bed on Valentine’s Day.)

Buy Now: $70

Fossil Open Flex Cuff Bracelet

Save $36: A foolproof V-Day gift, either in rose gold or “diamond”-studded silver.

Buy Now: $17

Sorel 1964 Premium T Boot

Save $60: Soon, the streets will be drenched in a constant muddy slush. Prepare yourself with these heritage-style boots made of waterproof leather and vulcanized rubber.

Buy Now: $90

Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Vest

Save $20: We’re on the home stretch of winter — won’t be long now before you can stash away the down jacket for good. Before you do, though, wear a down vest. It’s a perfect transition.

Buy Now: $30

Google Chromecast

Save $5: Chromecast is among the best streaming devices on the market for a lot of reasons: simple, small, yet surprisingly powerful.

Buy Now: $30

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