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You Have Seven Seconds to Make a Good Impression. Make It Count

As in person, so online.

Gear Patrol

The rule of thumb is, you have seven seconds to make a good first impression. If that translates to text — likely, right? — that means we have about 30 words to make you want to read on (taking the average reader’s 250 WPM and doing some simple math). By this point in my intro, you’ve either scrolled on or decided my words mean something. Thank you to those still here. For you faithful readers, I’ve picked six stories from the week that I believe will also keep you engaged. Try the intros on for size, then rock read on. – Matthew Ankeny

Chatbots Aren’t Fooling Anyone, and That’s When They Succeed


Ask Mitsuku for distraction and she is totally down. She’ll bring tangents to your boredom party 24/7. And measured against Siri — who will shut down even the slightest bit of philosophical inquiry with a terse, “I can’t answer that,” or the more salty, “This is about you, not me.” — Mitsuku’s conversationally motivated natural language processing engine is a far superior companion.

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The Best Running Shoes of 2017


In recent years, the running shoe trends that once categorized the most colorful wall at Foot Locker — minimalism, neutrality, stability — have quickly given way to more dynamic and freeform styles, guiding the sport in a number of new directions. Trail shoes are starting to look like road shoes; road shoes are starting to look like trail shoes. A number of manufacturers are adding ergonomic second-skin uppers to cushioned midsoles with dramatic heel-to-toe drops, while some minimalist runners are switching to racing flats full-time. On the other side of the spectrum, maximalism, thanks to brands like Hoka One One, is continuing its renaissance.

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The Best Way to Savor Sushi? Pair It with Sake

Henry Phillips

For the uninitiated, sake is immensely complicated. Whereas wine can be defined by acidity or terroir, sake is an expression of each individual producer’s style and raw material. “There are a few regions where water plays an important role, but overall, you have to remove any sort of preconceived notion of what a sake from a particular region should taste like,” says Garrett Smith, certified sommelier and beverage director of New York’s Sushi Nakazawa. “[Sake] is meant to be enjoyed like a fine wine, but it plays with a similar palette, in terms of artistry, that you would see in beer.”

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Words Without Context

A Notable Quote from the Week

“I think hot sauce is akin to drug use.” – Noah Chaimberg

The Innovation Lab That’s Pushing the Future of Eyewear


The corner of 40th and Avenue of the Americas, on the south end of New York City’s Bryant Park, is officially named Nikola Tesla Corner. In the adjacent building — 8 West 40th Street — Nikola Tesla, the less-remembered partner of Thomas Edison, worked for the better part of 12 years. “He was a god,” says Jay Sales, innovation strategist for VSP Global and co-lead of VSP Global’s innovation lab, The Shop. “If you go to Niagara Falls, the whole generation system is Tesla’s. He was also the first one to do electric over the air. He was so much ahead of his time.”

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A Gathering of the World’s Coolest Porsches


Since the inaugural event in the Deus Ex Machina parking lot in 2014, Luftgekühlt has played a sizeable part in the recent proliferation of classic Porsche culture. What started as a tight-knit crew of Porsche-o-philes getting together to share their appreciation for air-cooled models has now grown into one of the can’t-miss automotive events of the year — not just in California, but nationwide. People drive thousands of miles, and some even fly in from abroad for this one-day celebration of the nicht wasser Porsches.

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9 Great Shoes and Sandals for Summer

Alexander Stein

Easy-wearing, versatile clothing is standard dress in the summer months, and footwear follows suit. Forget heavy bench-made boots and Goodyear-welted oxfords; this season is about lightweight, casual kicks. For the warm weather months, footwear falls into three categories: sandals, low-tops and high-tops. With a solid option from each, you should be well equipped for whatever your summer has in store.

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