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The Californian Approach to Summer Layering

A summer collection of California brands.

Alexander Stein

Two disparate forces meet at the edge of the continent in coastal California. The raw power of the Pacific plays foil to the state’s warm southern beaches and tranquil northern redwood forests. This juxtaposition is omnipresent in Californians’ lives and is foundational to the culture of the state. Tangible beauty and pleasures serve as a counterbalance for uncertainty and protean forces. Such a landscape stimulates the minds of intellectuals and creatives, the literal background to life devoted to exploration and discovery.

As with food, music and art, Californian clothing is a reflection of place. Garments skew towards casual and easy-wearing, a far cry from the sartorial pageantry on display in cities like New York and London. Designers embrace sun-faded shirts and washed-out jeans, simple canvas shoes and classic leather jackets. Relaxed button-up shirts and light outwear are wardrobe staples; the vibe is unfussy, and the approach is classic.

In Mr. Porter’s new Made in California collection, brands from the Golden State offer a range of casual garments perfect for summer. It may not be clothing fit for a corporate job — but that’s just the point.

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If You Prefer Pants

Tie-Dyed T-Shirt by Mollusk $50
Field Jacket by Stüssy $120
Slim-Fit Jeans by Simon Miller $355
Hoodie by Simon Miller $255
OG Sk8-Hi LX by Vans Vault Learn More: Here
Hat by General Admission Learn More: Here
Lopez Sunglasses by Salt. Learn More: Here

If You Prefer Shorts

T-Shirt by Simon Miller $125
Slim-fit Shorts by Mollusk $80
Slim-fit Distressed Shirt by Simon Miller $335
Suede Sneakers by Feit $520
Intarsia Ribbed Socks by Beams+Champion $25 (Three Pack)
Lopez Sunglasses by Salt Learn More: Here

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