Singer Vehicle Design Plans to Build a Porsche Engine Better Than Porsche

It’s a modified, air-cooled 4.0-liter flat-six, reportedly with a 9,000 rpm redline and 500 horsepower.

Singer Vehicle Design is teaming up with Williams Advance Engineering (of Formula 1 fame) and former Porsche engine designer and engineer Hans Mezger to develop a new engine for its latest project. The engine will be a modified, air-cooled 4.0-liter flat-six, with a 9,000 rpm redline and 500 horsepower.

Singer is responsible for some of the most beautiful Porsche 911 restoration projects ever to hit the road, but to group its finished products in with any other run-of-the-mill resto-mod would be an utter disservice. When it comes to attention to detail — in every stitch and weave of leather in each seat, the treatment of the engine bay, the design of the dashboard — Singer is unparalleled.

For the most part, though, Singer has stuck with tasteful modifications and enhancements of the 911’s design, restoration of the engines and subtle, yet modern performance upgrades to help improve handling. This is the first time Singer has gone this far with the heart of the 911 — the flat-six engine, but you need not worry because the project is in incredibly capable hands.

You may have heard of the Williams F1 team, but Hans Mezger is definitely a man you should be familiar with. The most famous of Mezger’s of accomplishments include designing the original 911 engine, leading the design office that gave us the legendary 917 race car and being responsible for the turbo engine that earned Mclaren two Formula 1 Constructor’s championships and three Drivers’ Championships between ’84-’86.

It can be argued that Singer makes the Porsche 911 better through the work that it does in reshaping and extenuating the best parts of the 911. Now that Singer has set its sites on the engine itself with consulting from Williams F1 and Mezger, this engine might just better than anything Porsche has put in the back of the 911.

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