World Nomads Covers Adventures From Cross-State Road Trips to Snorkeling Overseas

From lost bags to broken limbs, World Nomads can help you in these tough situations.

mountain biking couple ascend slope with mountainous valley below
World Nomads

These days, most people have grown accustomed to ‘preparing for the unexpected.’ Most are no stranger to the idea of fervently testing, quarantining or even canceling plans due to sudden illness — but that’s just the beginning. World Nomads can help you cover medical expenses in another country, or help you rush home in case of an emergency. Their multi-lingual team can help you navigate a local hospital system and get you treatment for everything from shark bites to dengue fever to broken limbs. Of course, they also offer traditional benefits like trip cancellation, baggage coverage and other perks, so you can prepare for every adventure with peace of mind. World Nomads can even cover US residents for trips that extend to 180 days, so feel free to take your time in that banana boat — because yeah, they cover those too.


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