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Good morning, and welcome to the latest edition of This Week in Gear — your single-shot serving of an entire week’s worth of the best new gear pulled from our weekday editions of Today in Gear. Bookmark it to peruse over a cup of coffee or before you soak up the last of your weekend freedom, then start your Monday completely up to speed. Here’s to another fantastic week.

Monday, April 23rd

This American-Assembled Field Watch Is Like a Mechanical Shinola

A vintage-style timepiece from an Ohio-based watchmaker.

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Can’t Afford a Custom Bike? Look at Photos of This One Anyway

Vanilla Workshop in Portland, Oregon specializes in maxing-out each of its customized Speedvagen bicycles with a keen attention to detail that spares no weld or accessory. Even if you can't afford the $1,000 deposit, photos...

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Herman Miller’s New Office Chair Couldn’t Be More Different Than the Aeron

The new chair that automatically adjusts to its user.

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These Best-Selling Sneakers Now Give Back to Help Save the Ocean

Saving the ocean one plastic bottle at a time.

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Tuesday, April 24th

Want a Grill Small Enough to Carry to a City Cookout? This One Fits Under Your Arm

This tiny grill is made for urbanites yearning for a share of summer grilling season but don't have the space to accommodate a full-size (or even normal compact) grill.

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Splurge on This Beautiful Fly Box With 111 Hand-Tied Flies

This 90th Anniversary Box is decked out with flies tied by a legendary fly shop.

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Your Sheet Pan’s More Useful Cousin Is Made of Cast Iron

Borough Furnace's new roasting pans are made of recycled cast iron and ship right in time for Father's Day.

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Wednesday, April 25th

The 5 Most Important New Features Google Just Added to Gmail

Google just redesigned Gmail. It's the first major redesign since 2011. Here's everything you need to know, plus how to get started.

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An Relatively Affordable Armored Car Small Enough to Fit in Your Garage

Armored vehicles aren't just for the military.

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This Pilot’s Watch Is Made by an Underrated German Brand

It's inspired by a 1950s chronograph worn by Steve McQueen.

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Thursday, April 26th

Farer’s New Hand-Winding Watches Tick All the Right Boxes

The British microbrand has proven adept at making perfectly-proportioned mechanical watches with stunning dials.

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These New Rain Jackets Are Easily The Most Attractive We’ve Seen

Stutterheim's new rain jackets are sleek, well-designed and perfect for the minimalist.

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Tabasco’s New $35 Hot Sauce Sounds More Like Bourbon Than Vinegar

Is it a bit... much? Sure, but we still want it.

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This Climbing-Inspired Shoe Is Cooler Than Your Converse All Stars

More proof that when vintage outdoor gear influences everyday apparel, the result is a win for all.

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Friday, April 27th

This New Swiss Army Knife Just Took Home One of the Most Prestigious Design Awards in the World

Victorinox's Jetsetter multitool has a super durable frame and clever features that made it a winner at this year's Red Dot Design Awards.

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This New Travel Watch Blends Fine Watchmaking and Rugged Utility

Apparently, it's made for "men of action." Whatever that means.

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Mophie’s New Charging Cases Nearly Double Your Phone’s Battery Life

Yes, they also support Qi-wireless charging.

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This Euro-Spec MX-5 Is Stunning. Thankfully, Its Paint Is Available in the US

It's like a mirror reflection of a clear sky on a sunny day.

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This New Boost Sneaker from Adidas Was Created for City Runners

Speedy shoes created in a speed factory with data from fast folks.

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Is This The Ultimate Low Light Portrait Lens?

Designed to work Leica M, Sony E and Fuji X mounts.

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