This Euro-Spec MX-5 Is Stunning. Thankfully, Its Paint Is Available in the US

It’s like a mirror reflection of a clear sky on a sunny day.

When Mazda announced the new special edition MX-5 RF Sport Black, there was a collective agreement in the Gear Patrol office that its ‘Eternal Blue Mica’ color (the only paint available for the special edition) is stunning — especially against the black wheels and black leather interior.

My next thought was “it’s a shame we don’t get the Sports Black here in the States.” Then after a quick search, I found, rather embarrassingly, that we can, in fact, order a regular RF in Eternal Blue Mica in the US. Which means you get the best paint color without paying extra for the special edition premium. (The standard soft-top Miata only comes in red, white, black and two different shades of grey; the Blue Mica only comes on Grand Touring RF. Why are you making so difficult to get this color, Mazda?)

Eternal Blue Mica looks like a mirror reflection of a clear sky on a sunny day. On a $30,000 targa-top convertible sports car, it’s almost too fitting. Do yourself a favor, buy a new Mazda Miata RF, and spec the Grand Touring trim with Eternal Blue Mica paint.

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