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Shine a Spotlight On Your Laces, They Need It
It’s time to stop with the boring laces. Those all-white or brown ones have served enough time on your feet. Whether you’ve broken a shoelace, or want something to update your classic kicks, Whiskers Laces is here to add some fun to a typically dull subject. Pick from striped, braided, ticked or solid, in a variety of hues and tones, guaranteed to match your style, even if it changes every single day. At 33-inches, the laces work with both dress and casual shoes.

Each distinctive lace comes with premium aglets and arrives wrapped around a wooden spool because nothing looks worse on top of an otherwise organized dresser than loose laces. Start your day off on the right foot — complete with an excellent looking pair of laces.

Buy Now: $15

New & Noteworthy Releases

This Mousepad for Apple’s Magic Mouse Helps You Be More Productive

It's specially engineered to make the Magic Mouse glide with less friction and more precision.

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These Italian-Made, Japanese-Designed Shoes Are a Crazy Jumble, in a Good Way

The Japanese and Chinese designers behind Flower MOUNTAIN pull inspiration from nature in order to make streetwear-worthy shoes for the city.

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Marshall Redesigns Its Popular Headphones: More Comfort, Better Sound

You still get Marshall's famed all-black design with brass accents.

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This Knife Is Basically a Machete, Is Probably Unnecessary, and I Couldn’t Care Less

This knife is both the best Father's Day gift ever and completely excessive.

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The Lighter of the Future Is Here, and It Uses Lasers

There doesn't need to be an update to the classic Bic lighter, but in Power Practical's forthcoming Sparkr lighters we have one anyway.

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Today on Gear Patrol

The 9 Best Road Trip Cars: Staff Picks

I polled most of the crew here for their picks and then prodded for extra justification to back up their (incorrect) opinions. As it turns out, our choices aren't all that dissimilar, but "agree to...

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7 Sport Sunscreens For Summer That Actually Work

Summertime is around the corner, time to prep your skin for life.

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Our Favorite New York Hangout Just Got a $4 Million Upgrade

Classic Car Club has transformed, thanks to a $4 million remodeling project. If you're in the NYC area and love cars as much as you love hanging out, you're gonna want a $180/month Clubhouse Membership.

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10 Classic Sneakers That Cost Less Than $55

The best classic and iconic sneakers at the price point you want.

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