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Today in Gear: Playing Cards for Dad, Steve McQueen’s Rolex, Nike’s Pride Sneaker Win & Much More

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New & Noteworthy Releases

Gift Your Dad Better Playing Cards This Father’s Day
Art of Play’s curated catalog of design-centric playing cards, puzzles and games are perfect for those who appreciate high-end, tactile goods. Each game, puzzle and deck is so exquisitely-crafted and wonderfully unique they’re sure to blow minds and inspire curiosity. So rather than letting your dad play poker on those ancient, warped and beer-soaked playing cards he picked up from a gas station years ago, consider giving him the upgrade he didn’t realize he so desperately needed this Father’s Day.

This deck, in particular, is the ideal choice for the dad who’s spent countless hours watching old Bruce Lee flicks. They’re printed by the U.S. Playing Card Company on Art of Play’s trademarked crushed stock and come in a satin-finished tuck box sealed with the Jeet Kune Do emblem. More than just one of the world’s foremost martial artists, Lee was a philosopher, and from his many thoughts and views on the world, 52 quotes have been compiled and printed on each card. So yes, they’re an upgrade for poker night, but they’re also adorned with profound wisdom.

Buy Now: $15

Steve McQueen’s Rolex Submariner Is Going Up for Auction This Year

The 1964 Submariner was owned and worn by the Hollywood legend, then gifted to his longtime friend and stunt double.

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The New 2018 Audi Q8 is a Lamborghini SUV on a Budget

Audi continues to add to its ever-expanding lineup today, with the announcement of the all-new 2019 Q8 SUV.

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Nike’s Pride-Month Sneakers Are So, So Much Better Than Adidas’s

Nike nods to history, Adidas nods to... pastels.

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Apple’s 10 Most Important Announcements from WWDC 2018

There's a lot to get excited about for anybody hedged in Apple's diverse device ecosystem.

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Fresh Deals

Lodge Chef’s Skillet
Save 42%: The world of cast iron caters to wallets of all sizes. Spend $300+ on a piece of beautifully made, ethically produced cast iron from an incredible shop that still hand-casts every piece. Or, take the well-beaten path most Americans have taken for the last 50-some-odd years – the Lodge path.

You can count on Lodge’s skillets and cookware to be affordable, even at SRP, so when one its superior skillet line (which is already only $26 at full price) has its price cut nearly in half, the value skyrockets. The Chef’s Series skillets feature one significant change from the usual lot – almost 1.5 pounds of iron are shaved off. Where the typical 10-inch skillet weighs about 5.6 pounds, the Chef’s series is just over 4. It won’t seem like a lot until you’ve got a 32-ounce steak searing at 500 degrees and you want to tilt and baste.

Today, the Lodge Chef’s Skillet is $15 on Amazon. — Will Price

Buy Now: $26 $15

Citizen Promaster Diver
Save $140: We’ve extolled the virtues of Citizen’s Promaster Divers in the past, but the takeaway is this: with a solar-charged quartz movement, big-time depth ratings and chunky cases, they’re great all-around watches for active individuals who want an analog watch but don’t want to get too deep into the weeds with mechanical watches. They also come at bargain prices. This particular version, for example, is water-resistant to 200 meters, has a dial loaded with lume and comes affixed to a comfortable rubber strap — exactly the kind of configuration you want for summer excursions. While the watch retails for $350, Macy’s has it marked down to just $210 right now. — Andrew Connor

Buy Now: $210

Stuart & Lau Gym Bag
Save $95: It can be tricky to find a gym bag that has just the right amount of pockets, keeps your sweaty gear under wraps and looks good, but we think we found The One. With a minimalist look to it, you’d never guess that the Regimen Gym Bag from Stuart & Lau has a ventilated shoe storage unit, water bottle pockets on the sides and a locker hook. Did we mention it comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s essentially a done deal for us. — Meg Lappe

Buy Now: $395 $300

OtterBox Coolers
Save 25%: OtterBox’s move into the cooler category began last summer with the release of the Venture series. It came as a surprise to those who recognize the brand from its domination of Best Buy’s phone case racks, but among the company’s first products were protective dry boxes, so the sidestep wasn’t entirely radical.

But does tech protection translate into making coolers? As it turns out, it does. OtterBox integrated rugged injection-molding and high-grade cooling technologies into its first cooler and brought the Venture straight to the front of the crowd. The Venture comes in 25-, 45- and 65-quart sizes and is rated to hold ice for up to two weeks. More minute details include anti-slip rubber feet and a bottom that’s slanted just slightly enough to make draining easier. And, as you’d expect from OtterBox, this thing has been dropped from every angle and on every side to ensure that it can’t be damaged, empty or full.

This year, the company introduced a line of soft coolers called the Trooper Series. Both of the coolers are IP-65-rated, which means they’ll keep out dust and the inadvertent splash of water. They also come with wide-mouth, one-handed-access openings made of plastic and exterior shells made of durable nylon that is resistant to water, UV damage, chemicals and punctures. The bases are laminated to be abrasion-resistant. Inside, the liners are food-grade. The bigger Trooper 30 also comes with backpack straps.

Both the Venture and Trooper coolers were among the best that we tested this year, and all sizes are currently 25 percent off at Huckberry. — Tanner Bowden

Buy Now: Here

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