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Today in Gear: Comfortable Work-From-Home Wear, Vantablack Watch Dials & More

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If there is one company that knows how to help you get comfy for your new work-from-home lifestyle, it’s Sunspel. Crafting luxury underwear and wardrobe essentials from the world’s finest materials since 1860, Sunspel garments are designed for ease — and right now Sunspel is making it easier for you to get a bit more comfortable with up to 30 percent off and free delivery. There’s never been a better time to stock up on some classic loungewear like the Cotton Loopback Sweatshirt. The loopback cotton is exceptionally soft, warm and insulating while the design is as classic and comfortable as it comes. You can even pair the sweatshirt with matching sweatpants for optimum comfort.

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New & Noteworthy Releases

Here’s What Vantablack, One of the World’s Darkest Materials, Looks Like in a Wristwatch

H. Moser's newest wares make use of Vantablack, a material so dark that it absorbs over 99% of visible light.

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This Huge Desk Is $100 Off and Takes Two Minutes to Assemble

Floyd's new desk requires no tools to assemble, is surprisingly affordable, offers free shipping and looks damn good.

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Meet Harley-Davidson’s Top-Secret Cafe Racer and Flat Tracker Motorcycles

Harley keeps pushing its own boundaries — and we're into it.

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If You’re an Antarctic Explorer, This Is the Watch to Wear

The new Delma Oceanmaster Antarctica is an icy, hardcore automatic dive watch with features for nautical exploration in the harsh waters of Antarctica.

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The Next Ford F-150 Raptor Could Be a Hybrid, But Odds Are Good You Won’t Mind

Ford's full-size pickup truck is about to add a hybrid option, and it seems likely to make it even more powerful.

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Here’s Your Chance to Buy a Rare Hellcat-Powered Jeep Gladiator

The baddest Jeep Gladiator on the planet will also be the rarest — and most expensive.

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Your Favorite Restaurants Need Your Help. Buy Their Merch To Help Keep Them Alive

As bars and restaurants continue to close their doors for the foreseeable future, there's never been a more urgent time to support them.

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This Unusual, 420-Friendly EDC Sure Beats a Pocket Knife Right Now

With its clever, consolidated storage system, the Screw Pop Hit Kit is truly a lean, green machine — and let's be honest, a perfect purchase today.

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A Mountain Bike This Good Shouldn’t Be This Affordable

Canyon just revealed the updated version of its most popular full-suspension mountain bike, and it's unbelievably affordable.

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This Isn’t a Camper Van. It’s a Transforming 2-Story Tiny House on Wheels

The best of both the tiny home and camper van worlds, merged into one.

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Fresh Deals

herman miller desk chairs
Herman Miller

Herman Miller Office Chairs
Save 15%: The best office chairs in the game are 15 percent off at Herman Miller.

Buy Now: Here

best sofas couches gear patrol lead full
Chandler Bondurant

Burrow Spring Sale
Save up to $500: Burrow’s Spring Sale offers discounts that scale with your order total — 10 percent off orders up to $1,499, $200 off for $1,500+ orders and all the way up to $500 off for $3,000 orders. Just use the code FRESH.

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Sonos Speakers: Beam, One and One SL
Save $50 on each: Sonos’ One and One SL speakers are both $50 off, and the Beam, the company’s smart soundbar, is also $50 off. These are the best discounts on these Sonos speakers since Black Friday.

Buy Now: $400 $350 (Beam)Buy Now: $179 $129 (One SL)Buy Now: $199 $149 (One)

bose 700 gear patrol full lead

Bose Headphones 700 (Refurbished)
Save $120: Right now, eBay is selling refurbished pairs of Bose’s latest and greatest noise-canceling headphones, the Headphones 700, for $280. That’s $120 less than the normal $400 MSRP and the best price we’ve ever seen on these flagship headphones.

Buy Now: $399 (Amazon)Buy Now: $400 $280 (eBay)


Bertucci A-2S Field Watch
Save 32%: For $68, this super affordable Bertucci field watch is solid, perfect for summer, and just as wearable in steel as its awesome titanium version.

Buy Now: $100 $68

Today on Gear Patrol

Is the 750-HP Hertz-Hendrick Camaro ZL1 the Ultimate Rental Car?

How do you make a 650-hp Camaro wilder? Add more horses — and a wild paint job.

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My Mom’s $120 Kitchen Gadget Is Getting Me Through Latte Withdrawal

Social distance measures are keeping me away from my favorite coffee shops. My mom, and her strange kitchen gadget, are here to help.

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Beneath the Surface: The Story of an American Military Watch

Walter Schaub's Caravelle watch was purchased during his service aboard a ballistic missile submarine in the midst of the Cold War.

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Which Penny Loafers Should You Buy?

Loafers come in all manner of styles from tassel to Venetian to Belgian, but perhaps the most enduring style with the broadest appeal is the penny loafer.

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The Best Whiskey Distiller You’ve Never Heard of Is Finally Getting His Due

Greg Metze had a hand in crafting some of the most popular whiskeys of the 21st century, though few people have heard his name. They're about to get their chance.

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Your Backpack Has a Hidden Feature That Can Save Your Life

Not every pack has this smart touch, but if yours is designed for outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, skiing or snowboarding, it probably does.

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No, You Don’t Need Polarized Sunglasses. Get These Instead

No, polarized sunglasses aren’t the end all, be all outdoor eyewear solution. Here’s why.

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What’s the Difference Between a $69 and a $2,000 Phono Preamp?

You already have a turntable and a pair of bookshelf speakers. How much should you spend on a phono preamp?

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AGV Sportmodular Carbon Helmet Review: In a Class of Its Own

The AGV Sportmodular Carbon is the first of its kind, and does a damn fine job of representing the brand — but it's not without a few minor drawbacks.

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Everything You Know about Sitting Ergonomically Is Wrong

Sitting is a surprisingly dangerous activity. So how should you really be doing it? According to one expert's research, more like this.

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Where to Buy Cloth Face Masks Online Right Now

America is running out of medical face masks. These are the brands stepping up to provide cloth and fabric alternatives.

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