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Savor our weekly roundup of gear news with your Saturday morning coffee, or use it to fend off the existential panic of Sunday night — it’s up to you.


We publish our weekly roundup of gear news for you to enjoy over the weekend. Savor it with your Saturday morning coffee, or use it to fend off the existential panic of Sunday night — it’s up to you. Comments or concerns? We’d love to hear from you at tig@gearpatrol.com.



If You Lose Your Pens and Chargers All the Time, This Tidy Organizer Is for You

It's a portable valet tray, wireless charging unit and desk organizer rolled into one.

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This Grill Offers an Entirely New Take on Charcoal Grilling

The Spark Grill aims to be the answer to all your qualms with charcoal grilling, and it does so in a design-conscious package.

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The Best Bourbon of the Year Goes Against Everything Whiskey Drinkers Once Held Dear

More than 40 judges agree: the best bourbon of the year is a blended whiskey sourced from three different states.

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No Plans This Weekend? We Have Just the Thing

Get new cooking tools, home workouts, and explainers on the newest smart home technology delivered right to your inbox.

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Here’s How Car Companies Are Helping Buyers and Owners Out Right Now

Society is being disrupted by the coronavirus, so automakers such as Ford, Hyundai and GM are stepping in to help customers.

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This Custom Land Rover Defender Pickup Is Vintage Truck Perfection

Commonwealth Classics produces some absolutely exquisite Land Rover Defender restorations. Here's their latest: a single-cab pickup.

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The Ideal Version of Your Dream BMW Is Up for Grabs

Of course, you'd better be ready to fork over some serious green for this blue beauty.

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No Regular Camper Van Can Compare to This Insane Custom Chevy Camper 

Do you like Stranger Things, whiskey bars, and exquisite woodwork? This camper van is for you.

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6 Incredible Classic Formula 1 Races You Can Stream Right Now

Missing live sports? Sate the demand with a cheap subscription that opens the vault to F1's greatest races.

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VW Says It’ll Keep Building Cars With Stick Shifts As Long as We Keep Buying Them

Volkswagen won't abandon the stick shift anytime soon.

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Enter to Win This Sexy BMW M8 and Help a Hospital in Its Time of Need

Even if your driveway doesn't wind up thanking you, UCLA Medical Center will.

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VW’s Newest Bus Is an All-Electric Blast from the Past

Old-school cool, new-school tech.

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This All-Electric Camping Trailer Combines Overlanding and Glamping

This trailer has basically everything you could want, uses no gas — and starts well under six figures.

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The Cheapest Off-Road-Ready SUV to Own Is Also One of Our Favorites

Hewing to tradition may save you some money.

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2020 Toyota 4Runner Venture Special Edition: The SUV We Want the Land Cruiser to Be

The 4Runner is charming, if ancient. Now, it's giving more people what they want with the 2020 Venture Special Edition.

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Is This the Most Ridiculous Land Rover Defender Ever Made?

There are plenty of ways to play up a Defender's best traits. Yacht-inspired teak? Not really one of them.

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Our Favorite Modular Camping Trailer Is Getting Bigger (and Better)

Happier Camper will now give you more living space and full-service amenities along with your Lego-like blocks.

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More Americans Really Want to Buy a Jeep Right Now, Study Finds

One thing Americans aren't uncertain about right now? Jeep capability.

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Tesla Batteries Make This Camper Van Perfect for Off-Grid Living

Great batteries and solar panels mean getting away from it all is easier than ever.

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Why Do the Subaru Outback’s Headlights Make It Less Safe than the Legacy? We Found Out

The IIHS's ratings for the Outback and Legacy didn't seem to make sense, so we started asking questions.

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Believe It or Not, This Is the Craziest Porsche 911 We’ve Ever Seen, And It’s Up for Sale

Don't judge this book by its cover.

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This Corvette-Powered Defender Is the Vintage Land Rover You Really Want

There are many exquisite restored Defenders, but this is one you won't be afraid to let your dogs ride in.

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Fiat 124 Spider Vs. Ford Fiesta ST: Which of These Cheap Speed Machines Would You Buy for $20,000?

Two of our favorite fun sports cars are available with huge discounts. But which one should you buy?

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This Wild Electric Motorcycle Looks Cool, But Is It Worth the Money?

How much would you pay for this kind of style?

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Outdoors and Fitness


The North Face Revived an Iconic Jacket with an Awesome New Feature

The North Face revived an iconic jacket from the early nineties with one of its newest outerwear fabric technologies.

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One of the Best Active Brands Has New Running Shorts — and a Rare Sale

Hill City, a new premium active brand, just released a promising new running short. It's also running a sitewide 15 percent off sale.

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a compact silver e bike with an extra seat on a white background
Rad Power Bikes

This New E-Bike Is Insanely Affordable and Practical

Rad Power Bikes just revealed its most affordable e-bike to date, and depending where you live it might be practical enough to replace your car.

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We’ve Never Seen a Mountain Bike This Cheap With This Feature

The deluxe version of the Schwinn Axum stays under $500 while packing a component unheard of at this price point.

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Want to Buy a Better Chino? These Are Just $72

In preparation for the spring, the San Francisco-based clothing company has introduced pants designed to be as flexible and active as you are.

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This Might Be the Most Advanced Backpack We’ve Seen

Bellroy's Apex backpack is its most daring design yet, the culmination of a decade of work.

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Learning to Cook? The World’s Best Chefs Are Posting Free Lessons All Over Instagram

An unexpected consequence of the coronavirus outbreak is a huge number of world-class chefs with lots of time on their hands.

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This $20 Smart Scale Can Just About Do It All

The Wyze Scale is cheaper than most digital scales on the market that don't have any "smarts."

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BMW and Apple Are Teaming Up to Turn Your iPhone Into a Car Key

One less item to carry in your pockets, we suppose.

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This Blacked-Out G-Shock Is a Perfect ’80s Throwback

Casio's new Full Metal G-Shock GMW-B5000 watch features a blacked-out case with a unique, etched grid pattern.

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This Design-Focused Watch Is Being Resurrected in an Automatic Version

Ikepod, co-founded by famed industrial designer Marc Newson, will now offer an affordable version of the Megapod with an automatic Japanese movement.

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Cartier’s Classic Pilot Watch Now Offers a Slim Mechanical Movement

For those who were hoping for a mechanical version of Cartier's entry-level Santos-Dumont, look no further — your dreams have been answered.

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Breitling Just Brought Back One of Its Best Watches from the 1960s

A watch that was originally aimed at a younger demographic, the Top Time has since become beloved by many. Now, it's back in a 41mm limited edition.

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This Affordable Outdoor Watch Now Comes Equipped with a GMT Function

The Victorinox FieldForce watch is as rugged and handsome as the brand's famous pocket knife, and the addition of a GMT function just sweetens the deal.

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This Indie Brand Just Dropped Its Best GMT Watch Yet

Farer's automatic GMT watches always provided great value, but the striking blue-accented Oxley Silver Limited Edition has to be Farer-est of them all.

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This Practical, Value-Driven Traveler’s Watch Helps You Track Multiple Time Zones

The newest release from British watchmaker Christopher Ward combines popular GMT and world time functions in a handsome, reasonably priced watch.

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