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Today in Gear: July 16, 2013

Nokia Lumia 1020 Ever get passed by an eighteen wheeler while driving a Mini? That’s what it’ll be like comparing the pictures your current phone takes with the 41MP beasts the new 1020 cranks out.


Nokia Lumia 1020
Ever get passed by an eighteen wheeler while driving a Mini? That’s what it’ll be like comparing the pictures your current phone takes with the 41MP beasts the new 1020 cranks out. Thanks to a ball-bearing-stabilized Carl Zeiss lens setup and a pretty serious image sensor, your panoramas are about to get super-sized. A glare-resistant, 4.5-inch Gorilla Glass 3 display also boasts ultra sensitivity, so it can be used even with gloves; also on board is a 1.2MP front-facing camera, 1.5GHz processor and 32GB of memory. $300

Raleigh Spitfire Hardcases by Timothy Oulton
Paying visual homage to the World War II ace machines of the same name, these Spitfire cases are constructed of interlocking aluminum panels with a distinct patina that makes them look ultra fly. The cases come in four sizes to accommodate all your gear, though you may want to leave them empty and open, as each is lined with a suede material with a fighter jet blueprint graphic. (As if their name needed any bolstering, they also call out Sir Walter Raleigh, the seasoned poet, historian and adventurer.) timothyoulton.com ()

The Impossible Collection of Motorcycles
Assouline, self-designated seller of “The Most Sophisticated Books in the World”, has come out with yet another ultimate picture book for adults. This time the subject at hand is motorcycles, those stalwart champions of excitement, freedom, engineering and toughness. 150 images grace these oversized cotton-paper pages; the whole book is hand-bound; it comes in a black rubber clam shell case with a metal plaque. Of course, at this price you could also put away the money for a downpayment on an actual motorcycle, buy hey, metal plaque. $695

Bluelounge Saidoka and Kii iPhone Docks
For Apple/iOS multitaskers, Bluelounge has all the gadgetry needed for a neat and tidy workspace. The Saidoka is a “sidecar” dock for your iPhone 5 that sticks to your physical desktop with micro-suction material (read: no adhesive), providing access to the phone and its apps while it charges. For more mobile users, the Kii is a small Lightning connector docking stick that also functions as part of a keyring-mounted USB device for both charging and syncing (it’s available in 30-pin connector variants). $30

Patagonia Legacy Collection
Foster Huntington’s photography, featuring a fellow traveler as the two wound their way through the Rockies on a recent road trip, introduces the world to Patagonia’s newest line. All the “new” items are actually throwbacks based on some of the first designs the company produced, but have been re-imagined in modern materials and less-bulky cuts, and include a waterproof cagoule, down jackets, quilted pullovers and vests, tough-wearing pants, and daypacks. For the modern adventurer with a flair for the classic, it doesn’t get much better than these. patagonia.com

T-Mobile JUMP
You’ve got the latest and greatest smartphone, sure, but what are you supposed to do when the NEXT latest and greatest comes out? So embarrassing. T-Mobile customers’ll be sitting smug, though. They can spring for the new Jump service, which, for 10 bucks a month, enables a fee-less upgrade every six months. Sure, the pricing doesn’t quite pan out in terms of using reason — but twice a year they’ll be able to avoid looking like an idiot. Someone sign up Bieber, stat. $10/month

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