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adjustable pillows gear patrol lead featured

The Pillows of the Future Are Strangely Hands-On

Pillows for everyone, everywhere, all at once.

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21 Great Father’s Day Gifts Under $20

Who said a good gift had to be pricey?

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The 35 Best Father’s Day Gifts to Shop Now

We asked our team of gear experts to recommend their go-to products for dads and other father figures.

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Best Gifts for Men — 41 Ideas for Every Guy You Know

Birthdays. Anniversaries. Father’s Day. Our ultimate guide to men's gifts has gear he'll love, no matter the occasion.

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7 Ways You’re Ruining Your Pour-Over Coffee

Proper pour-over water temperature, why you should wash your filters and more common pour-over coffee brewing mistakes.

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You’re Not as Tall as You Think. These 8 Stepladders Will Help You Reach Greater Heights

Stop tip-toeing when a stepladder can take you higher.

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25 Grill Recipes You Should Bookmark Right Now

A recipe doesn't have to be complicated to be great.

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Can’t Afford an Eames Lounge Chair? Here are 5 Worthy Alternatives

The Eames Lounge Chair is the Holy Grail of furniture, with a price tag to match.

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The Best Laptop and Desktop Stands to Buy For Your Home Office

Show off your desktop or laptop in style. And keep your workstation more organized.

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13 Wicked Gifts for Dads Who Like to Grill

From gloves meant for welders to a $20 must-have, here's where you start shopping for a grill-inclined Dad.

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21 Great Gifts for Dads Who Have Everything

Intriguing and unique products fit for aficionados, collectors and enthusiasts

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9 Mechanical Pencils for Your Everyday Carry

The wand may choose the wizard, but the pencil doesn't choose the writer. Here's a guide to picking the right mechanical pencil for everyday note taking.

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5 Affordable Desk Fans That Will Make Your Home Office Bearable This Summer

We're rounded up five great desk fans that don't take up much desk space and cost less than $25.

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For the Second Year in a Row, This $40 Tennessee Whiskey Will Be One of the Best Values at the Liquor Store

The 2019 George Dickel Bottled-in-Bond release was one of the best values in recent whiskey memory. The 2020 version is rolling out now.

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Aunt Jemima Syrup Is Finally Changing Its Name. Here Are 6 Syrups You Should’ve Been Buying Already

A rebranding that's 131-years over due. And syrup upgrades for those who aren't six years old.

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wiskey on the rocks in carpentry studio
Getty Images

Stop Buying Your Dad Whiskey Stones, They Suck

Whiskey stones have always been, and continue to be, terrible. This is why.

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8 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Knives Last Forever, According to an Expert

David Olkovetsky, founder of knifemaking outfit Artisan Revere, on rubber cutting boards, mineral oil and the evils of dishwashing your knife.

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The 9 Best New Bourbons and Whiskeys of 2020 (So Far)

COVID-19 or not, the whiskey boom rolls on. These are the best new bottles of brown to seek out this year.

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9 things you need to take grilling to another level gear patrol lead feature
Sage Owl

10 Tools You Need to Take Your Grill Setup to the Next Level

Once you've got your head around basics of grilling, you'll want more. These upgrades are what you're looking for.

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Lil Yachty Is Obsessed With His Touchscreen Toaster. Here’s Why

For the rapper, the Revolution toaster is pretty revolutionary.

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30 Black-Owned Home and Design Businesses to Support Right Now

Black people have been overlooked for far too long in the home and design industry.

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Henry Phillips

Why the Hell Is There a Dimple on the Bottom of Wine Bottles? We Found Out

Bottoms up -- wait, what's that dent?

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According to Experts, You’re Showering All Wrong

Bet you didn't think you were doing it wrong. We talked with two dermatologists to get their tips on how to shower the right way.

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Why Are Whiskey Dads Obsessed with Single Barrel Bourbon?

Think that bottle of bourbon is a thoughtful Father's Day gift? Not after reading this.

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The 10 Best Desks for Small Spaces

You can make space for any of these desks.

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chevy bolt ev mobile office gear patrol lead feature
Tyler Duffy

Does the Chevy Bolt Work as a Mobile Office? We Found Out

Sick of working from home? The Chevy Bolt is affordable, social-distancing-friendly, has an internet connection...and is not your house.

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complete ducati motorcycle buying guide gear patrol lead feature

The Complete Ducati Buying Guide: Every Model, Explained

Ducati produces a wide range of motorcycles but remains a premium and performance brand. This is your guide to every model motorcycle they currently build.

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The New Ford Bronco Will Debut July 13. Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Here's the important information you need to know about the new Ford Bronco before it arrives.

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Mini Might Be Building Its Biggest Car Yet. Will Americans Go for It?

Is a (relatively) big, adventurous Mini crossover one you'd consider buying?

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This Is, Without a Doubt, the Perfect Custom Camper Van for Gamers

It's 2020, and getting away from it all can definitely include a custom gaming setup.

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range rover velar svautobiography side

Range Rover’s Newest Super-Fast SUV Makes a Strange Kind of Sense

So long as you don't dwell on the name too much.

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upgrades to breathe life into your old ride gear patrol lead feature
Gear Patrol

The 10 Best Car Mods You Can Do Yourself

New tires and spark plugs, backup cameras, data monitoring systems, and more: all easy upgrades that'll breathe life into your old ride.

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2020 ram 1500 gear patrol feature

Ram’s Newest Diesel Pickup Truck Packs Mind-Blowing Range

With a max highway range of more than 1,000 miles per tank, odds are good you'll need to stop well before the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel does.

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Ford’s New Mustang Mach 1 Is a Retro-Styled Muscle Car Made for the Track

Ford taps the deep retro Mustang well again, and we love it.

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Airstream’s Most Popular Camping Trailers Just Got a Fashionable Update

Improved materials and new colors spruce up the Flying Cloud and International.

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ford transit trail gear patrol lead featured

Ford’s New Transit Trail Is As Close As You Can Get to a Raptor Camper Van

How do you make a Transit better for camping? Add AWD with drive modes and a badass grille.

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tesla model s gear patrol feature

Tesla’s Newest Model S Can Go Farther Than Any Electric Car Before

The Tesla Model S hit a big, round range number — one that will make Elon Musk very happy.

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7 Excellent Roof Racks for Hauling Gear

Tom Henwood of Main Line Overland shares his roof rack picks. These racks are lightweight, capable and capable for any adventure.

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Toyota Land Cruiser Too Expensive for You? Buy a Kia Telluride Instead

Let's get real: we're talking about grocery runs and campsite visits, not traversing the Serengeti.

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The Best Fun New Cars to Buy, Sorted By How Much You’ll Pay Each Month

Looking to pay $300 a month for a new car? $400, $500, $1000? We've got a recommendation for you.

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porsche mission e gear patrol lead feature

Porsche’s Next Electric Car Should Be Unlike Any Yet (And It Could Show Up This Year)

An off-road-capable station wagon with super-sedan performance? Interesting.

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tesla model y sweepstakes gear patrol lead feature

Enter to Win a Tesla Model Y, and Help Give Kids in Need a Brighter Future

Support a good cause...and maybe take home the coolest new electric crossover you can find right now.

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The 2021 Toyota Supra Isn’t Quite the Bargain We’d Hoped For

The four-cylinder model will save you money...but maybe not enough to warrant living with less power.

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There’s an Unbelievable Lease Deal on the Honda Civic Si Right Now

Good luck finding this sort of bargain on any other car this fun to drive.

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2020 ram 1500 gear patrol feature

The Ram 1500 Could Be About to Become a High-Tech Towing Monster

Some new (and very helpful) upgrades could help extend Ram's success against the Silverado.

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10 Fun Used Cars With a Stick Shift You Can Buy for Less Than $10,000

New manual transmission cars are few and far between. But you can find some cheap and fun used ones for less than $10,000.

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The Ford Bronco Will Have a Very Unusual Manual Transmission

Who needs low range when you have a super-low gear below first?

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Go Overlanding (Or Replace Your Home) With This Luxury Camping Trailer

This stunning camping trailer is prepped to hit the road or trail—or even provide a full-time residence.

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This Famous Motorcycle Company Is Planning a Massive Product Onslaught

Do you like exceptional-looking vintage-style motorcycles that are also affordable? You'll soon have quite a few to choose from.

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Who Needs the Electric Hummer When You Can Buy an Off-Road Tesla Model 3?

For the Tesla fan who may need to plow through some dirt.

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Our Favorite Station Wagon Is Getting Even Better for 2021

Mercedes-AMG's fire-breathing, tire-shredding wagon receives a timely update.

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2020 bmw m5 gear patrol lead feature

BMW’s New M5 Is Just a Little Better, But There Wasn’t Much to Improve Anyway

We weren't clamoring for changes, but BMW went and made some anyway.

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Ford’s Electric SUV Will Be Able to Drive Itself (Sort Of)

So long as you keep your eyes on the road...and you're on the right road...and you bought the right option package.

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mercedes benz gls580 gear patrol lead feature
Will Sabel Courtney

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS580 Review: A Monstrously Impressive Monster

A full-size SUV that does a damn fine impression of a $100,000 luxury sedan.

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The 2020 Cadillac XT4 Is Almost a Baby Escalade (At Least, in Looks)

The Cadillac XT4 looks great, and it's comfortable. But is that enough?

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These Cars Have Been Named the Best in the World in 2020

Kia, Porsche and Mazda took home 2020 Car of the Year awards.

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Enter to Win This Super-Fast Mercedes-AMG Wagon and Help Those on the Front Lines Against Coronavirus

Omaze is auctioning off a Mercedes-AMG E63 S wagon to help those taking the fight to COVID-19.

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hyundai santa cruz gear patrol lead featured

This Cool New Super-Cheap Pickup Truck Is Less Than 2 Years Away

Hyundai is aiming for the affordable end of the truck market by bringing its stunning Santa Cruz concept into production.

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Outdoors and Fitness


Lightweight Running Shorts Are One of the Best New Pieces of Fitness Gear of June

Recently, New Balance released its new Pride Month shoe, Rapha revealed innovative bib shorts, Nike made a shoe for riding inside and more.

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The 20 Best Father’s Day Gifts for Outdoorsy Dads

Our picks for those pops who prefer a walk in the woods to a lounge on the couch.

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10 Outdoor Products All City Dwellers Should Own

Many outdoor products pack the comforts of home into wilderness-friendly packages... that make them perfect for daily urban life, too.

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What the Hell Is Going on with This Weird New Running Shoe?

Hoka One One just revealed the Clifton Edge, a new road running shoe with a unique construction that includes an oversized base.

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The 17 Best Father’s Day Gifts for Fitness-Loving Dads

No matter what the old man's preferred modality is — from lifting to running to cycling and more — there's a sweat-centric item in here that's just right.

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The Best New Knives and EDC of June 2020

Recently, Buck Knives updated one of its classics, Spyderco made a cute nod to canines, Work Sharp revealed a user-friendly whetstone and more.

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Can New Technology Help You Get Fitter at Home?

At a time when home fitness is especially relevant, two new products promise to help you sweat without crowding your house. Our testers check them out and weigh in.

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Henry Phillips

That Little Hole in Your Swiss Army Knife Has a Surprising Use

It could save your behind in the backcountry — or at least help you keep your pants up.

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matador seg42 quick review gear patrol lead feature
Tanner Bowden

This New Duffel Will Make You Look Forward to Packing

Matador's Seg42 builds the organization of packing cubes into a drop-it-all-in duffel, leaving adventurers to choose the most efficient packing method.

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This New Knife Is Extra-Sharp, Thanks to Innovative New Tech

Benchmade's newest fixed-blade knife bridges the gap between the outdoors and the kitchen and debuts some new blade technology too.

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We’ve Never Seen Bike Gear like This Before

Giro's Yasuda Collection is the product of an obsession the brand's creative director has with the work of a mysterious Tokyo designer.

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Why Do Aviator Sunglasses Usually Come With Green Lenses? We Found Out

Blue skies call for green lenses. But why?

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The Best T-Shirts You Can Buy, According to Style Experts

From fit to fabric to weight, t-shirts vary as widely as any garment of clothing. We asked five of menswear's brightest to name their go-to tees.

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Why Are Vault by Vans Sneakers More Expensive Than Vans Classics?

Comparing the differences between Vans' mainline sneaker and its upgraded counterpart.

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The Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir Fell in Love with Birkenstocks for This Simple Reason

Easy on, easy off.

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13 Great Gifts for Stylish Dads

For all the fashionable father figures in our lives.

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Two Historic Northwestern Brands Just Made the Ultimate Outdoor Boots

Informed by over a century of outfitting loggers.

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birkenstock alternatives gear patrol lead feature

Like Birkenstock Arizona Sandals? You’ll Love These Summer-Ready Sandals, Too

Summer-ready sandals in the vein of the famed two-strap icon.

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The Best Shorts to Wear This Summer

Beat the heat in style.

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The Best Boots and Shoes to Get for Dad for Father’s Day

From a re-up on his favorite sneaker to that grail boot he's been eyeing, these are the best shoes to get for Dad.

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This Is Absolutely the Fastest Way to Lace Your Boots

Do the speed hooks on your boots seem... not so speedy?

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This Affordable Acoustic Guitar Offers Big Tone in a Small Package

A new parlor-size guitar that packs a punch.

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19 Great Slides to Wear This Summer

From the waterproof and pool-ready to the luxury leather-crafted.

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Legendary Music Producer Rick Rubin Designed the Perfect Summer Shoes

Limited-edition, vegan men's shoes.

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12 White Sneakers to Wear All Summer Long

Keep your footwear game proper for the blazing summer with a cool pair of white sneakers.

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Like Patagonia Baggies? Then You’ll Love These Shorts, Too

Baggies are a classic summer short that have inspired many alternative shorts. Here are the ones you should consider.

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How the Pandemic Brought Me Back Around to the Hard Phone Case

It's a protective suit of rubber and plastic armor that makes it easy to basically dunk my whole handset directly in bleach.

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How to Get Great Wi-Fi, Even in Your Backyard

Need some helpful tips to improve the Wi-Fi in and around your home? Here are five.

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This Apple Watch Competitor Is Just $179

Timex's new Metropolitan S is a 36mm smartwatch with plenty of bells and whistles, and it's less than half the price of an Apple Watch Series 5.

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5 Hi-Fi and Record Shop Owners Share Their Highly-Tuned Home Hi-Fi Setups

Let's face it, the people who are entrenched in hi-fi every day probably have better (and cooler) home hi-fi set-ups than you.

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Yes, You Should Still Be Buying CDs, Here’s Why

In this age of streaming and vinyl resurgence, the popularity of CDs has plummetted. Yet, there are a number of reasons to still listen to this forgotten audio format.

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If You’re Looking for Cheaper AirPods, These Are the Ones I’d Buy

Urbanears just released a pair of truly wireless earbuds that cost $69, which is less than half as expensive as Apple AirPods.

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5 Things We Might See at Apple’s Big Event Today

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is happening this afternoon. Here's what we might see.

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4 Mistakes You’re Making When You Charge Your Phone

What's the best way to charge your phone? What habits should you bend over backwards to avoid? We talked to a battery expert to find out.

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Sonos’s Best-in-Class Portable Speaker Just Got Better

The Move is still arguably the best-sounding portable speaker you can buy.

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This Little Gadget Has Been My Best Lockdown Purchase By a Mile

My home Wi-Fi sucked. So I decided to fix it with one little gadget that cost less than $100.

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Klipsch’s New Bookshelf Speakers Are a Soundbar Killer

The Fives are powered bookshelf speakers that can connect directly to your TV -- plug and play -- without the need of an AV receiver.

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This Free Chrome Extension Will Change the Way You Share Links to Articles

Google just released a new Chrome extension that lets you create a special URL link that opens directly to the specific word, sentence or paragraph.

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What’s Actually the Difference Between a Cheap and Expensive Soundbar?

It's an unspoken rule that when you're shopping for a TV, you also need to shop for a soundbar. But which should you choose?

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The Sonos Arc Soundbar’s Best Feature Is Also Its Biggest Flaw

The Sonos Arc is the company's excellent new soundbar, but there's a chance that it might not work best for your TV. Here's why.

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This Designer’s Outrageous Ideas Still Influence Modern Watches

If you know nothing else about Gerald Genta, you should be familiar with these five iconic watches that show his genius.

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21 famous military watches and their histories gear patrol lead feature

21 of the Best Military Watches and Their Histories

We examine some of world's most famous military watches and delve into their origins, from the Fifty Fathoms to the Milsub and more.

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This Chronograph Watch Features the First Swiss-Made, Solid Bronze Bracelet

An all-bronze version of Oris' Divers 65 chronograph celebrates the village in which the brand was founded in 1904.

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Rugged Features Abound in This High-End GMT Watch

Two sporty new Grand Seikos come with supercharged lume, high-beat movements, 200m of water resistance and three time zones.

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What Makes the Cartier Tank the Quintessential Dress Watch?

The Tank is one of the most elegant and iconic watches ever made, but it owes its significance to more than a just great design.

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Want a Rolex Daytona? Here Are Three Worthy Alternatives That Won’t Cost as Much

These three handsome chronograph watches offer attractive alternatives to the Rolex Daytona experience, with versatile appeal and strong value.

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Phillips Auction Gear Patrol Lead Featured

This Auction Is Stacked with Incredible Vintage Watches

Phillips is holding its next Geneva Watch Auction from June 27th through 28th, and it's got everything from Longines to Patek to Rolex and more.

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This Striking World Time Watch Begs to Be Your New Travel Companion

Montblanc's updated Star Legacy Orbis Terrarum watch offers all the functionality and fascination of a world timer topped off with stunning looks.

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Timex’s Affordable New Pride Watch Has a Hidden Feature

The Todd Snyder x Timex Art of Pride mechanical watch has a rainbow-colored dial, but there's more to it than meets the eye.

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Check Out The Restoration of This Vintage Military Watch

If you love watches, you owe it to yourself to understand a bit more about how they work. This watchmaking video series is a great place to start.

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These Are the Best Watches Under $200

Bargain watches get a bad rap, but there are plenty of dirt-cheap options with excellent design and solid build quality.

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Want an Omega Speedmaster? Here Are Three Worthy Alternatives That Don’t Cost as Much

Watches from Bulova, Farer and Bell & Ross offer the high quality, versatile appeal and strong value of the Speedy for far less money.

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Keep Track of Friends Around the Globe with This Elegant GMT Watch

Bravur's updated Geography in Sparkling White is a travel watch that won't look out of place with jeans or a suit and tie.

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Looking for a Skeletonized Sport Watch? This Is the One to Get

The new Skeleton Blue takes Bell & Ross's BR05 sport watch and gives it a sleek modern treatment with a translucent blue dial.

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Why Does the Popular NATO Watch Strap Have This Mysterious Feature?

We took a deeper look at NATO straps to find out exactly why these fun and affordable watch accessories are designed the way they are.

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Why a $22,000 Entry-Level Dress Watch Is Worth Every Penny

The Calatrava is the quintessential Patek Philippe, and perhaps even the quintessential dress watch, period.

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This Is Patek Philippe’s First New Watch of 2020

The ref. 6007A-001 Calatrava celebrates the opening of the company's new manufacturing facilities in Geneva. And it's in stainless steel.

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A Japanese Streetwear Designer Has a Unique Take on Vintage-Inspired Watches

Streetwear guru Hiroshi Fujiwara's new limited-edition TAG Heuer x Fragment Design Formula 1 Heuer 02 Chronograph is unlike anything else in TAG's catalog.

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The Rise of Patina in the Watch Industry

We explore the idea of patina, exploding prices in the vintage market and whether an "honest" watch is truly a better watch.

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The 15 Best Watch Straps For a Cool and Casual Summer

Ditch the solid leather for something more breathable, durable and casual.

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This Affordable Solar-Powered Watch Is Eco-Friendly and Ready for Summer

The new Skagen Henricksen limited edition watch makes a sustainable statement with recycled materials and a handy solar-charging quartz movement for $195.

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