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Today in Gear: July 25, 2013

Weber Portable Charcoal Table Cavemen bent over fires like the primitive dolts they were. You know who else bends over their stupid little “fires”?


Weber Portable Charcoal Table
Cavemen bent over fires like the primitive dolts they were. You know who else bends over their stupid little “fires”? The primitive dolts at the campsite next door. This table is the logical evolution for your Weber grill — just about any model fits and locks in to the painted, textured top, while hooks on the ends provide ample tool storage. The entire contraption collapses and stores within itself for easy travel. $70

Bookman Cycling Shirt
This all-cotton shirt is sneaky — at first blush it appears to be a trendy t-shirt, when in reality it is a trendy t-shirt made especially for cyclists. A button flap on the chest pocket keeps items secure; the cuffs can be rolled up to reveal reflective tape; there are strategically placed ventilation holes; a hidden zipper pocket is good for stashing valuables whilst riding; and the lower-cut back section covers your rider’s crack. $91

Rimowa x Porsche 50 Years Of 911 Trolley Case
Despite what Jeremy Clarkson may think, Porsche 911s are a thing of beauty — especially the 1960s genesis models, those marvels of the roadway that are now half a decade old. Sadly, they’re a bit pricey to pick up nowadays, but this trolley case collaboration pays homage so directly — what with the Fuchs wheels(!), houndstooth interior and aluminum body — that you’ll be air-shifting and making engine sounds while zipping around airports. $1,775 ()

Ubuntu Edge Smartphone
Ubuntu is taking on the smartphone and portable PC market in a no-holds-barred kind of way: by crowdfunding a majorly advanced mobile phone/computer. The sculpted, minimalist device marries the most ideal of tech, like an optimally-sized 4.5-inch touchscreen with emphasis on brightness and color depth, a low-light, 8MP rear camera, dual LTE receivers and much more. With a promised class-leading CPU and 128GB hard drive, plugging in a mouse, keyboard and monitor essentially turn it into a mobile PC. $625

Alexander Olch Shirting
Finally, a shirt to really match that beautiful tie. Olch’s shirting collection (sold through Barney’s) continues the brand’s handsome, bespoke motif with dark colorways and three slim-fitting styles, all with a shortened length that looks great untucked. barneys.com

Symbol Audio New Audio Desk
This unassuming USA-made writing desk is, like the most recent President Bush, a bumpin’ party hidden behind a businesslike veneer. And an exquisite veneer at that: solid oak, walnut, cherry or maple and a retro/mod design ensure it’ll look good anywhere. Slide open the cabinet doors to reveal two 4-inch speakers with titanium cones and a 5-1/4-inch woofer made for big sound. There’s a drawer for cable management, and the system gets along nicely with wireless streaming audio. $3,950

Nessie Microphone By Blue
The most intriguing business surrounding mythical creatures — Unicorns, Griffins, Centaurs — is that you want to believe they might be real after all. Audio nerds want reliable, effortlessly perfect audio from a simple, straightforward and affordable microphone, which until now has been somewhat of a myth. Nessie automatically adjusts on the fly while you record studio vocals, instrumental tracks, podcasts and more. Three modes include a full manual option, and the cardioid recording pattern and direct headphone monitoring makes it a breeze to use. And those looks… monstrous. $100

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