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Today in Gear: September 27, 2013

Honeywell Voice Activated Thermostat Remotely controlling your home’s thermostat via smartphone app is nothing new. Controlling your home’s thermostat through conversation is very new.


Honeywell Voice Activated Thermostat
Remotely controlling your home’s thermostat via smartphone app is nothing new. Controlling your home’s thermostat through conversation is very new. Speaking a simple “Hello, Thermostat” — similar to Google’s Glass voice functions — wakes the device, and with simple pre-programmed commands you can control multiple thermostat parameters. If you aren’t good at programming thermostats, have a fickle temperature preference and you’re a little lonely, this is perfect for you. $349 ()

Mr. Powers Eyewear
Cynthia Rowley’s powerhouse design prowess is behind Mr. Powers Eyewear, a line of eyeglass frames that are as distinctive from each other as they are from other glasses and as chic as they are affordable. Nerd out, funk out, get your classic on or stay conventional; let multiple freak flags fly and get a few pairs. Your eyes — and everybody else’s — will thank you. mrpowerseyewear.com

Orée Touch Slab Wooden Trackpad
We’re betting this thing runs on more than just electricity and Bluetooth… wood nymphs, maybe? Just look at the thing: a solid piece of wood supplants your mouse by functioning as a multitouch gesture pad. Its even got number pad functionality too. Give your workspace a little bit of natural pizzaz — just don’t forget to feed make sacrifices to the nymphs. $202 ()

Dry Soda
This is the soda your teeth want you to drink. You know, those teeth that don’t want cavities and that get all sensitive with sweet stuff? It’s still got a touch of cane sugar, sure, but to the tune of 70 calories max, which puts it at around 1/3 or less than other sodas. No caffeine, no gluten, it’s available in aluminum cans or glass bottles, and the flavors include various fruits and herbs. So really, this is the soda that your teeth, your tongue, your wheat allergy, your heart and your ass want you to drink. drysoda.com

World War Z Blu-ray
There are a few reasons for wanting this movie: zombies are awesome. It’s based on a book by Mel Brook’s son. Brad Pitt is a middle-aged heart throb who gets to, uh, hang out with Angelina Jolie. You like action movies. Blu-ray films looks incredible. Whatever your reason, it’s time to get this movie, if only to learn some moves for [the inevitable] Z Day. $20

Founders Sweet Repute
Oh sweet baby Jesus, Founders has done it again. The eighth installment in the brewery’s popular Backstage Series, this wheat wine has been aged for sixteen months in… wait for it… maple syrup bourbon barrels. At 13% ABV, it’s sure to pack one hell of a sweet, boozy punch. Keep an eye out for the 750ml bottles starting December 2nd. $18+

Evernote Collaborations
Inter-device note-taking junkies and fanboys, take heed: Nirvana has arrived. Evernote — that ultra-efficient and helpful app you’ve got on the front page of your iDevice — has just announced collaborations with several brands. There are paper-to-digital applications, including special Post-it notes that Evernote can turn digital; a ScanSnap function; Adonit, a stylus-centric function that jibes with the Penultimate app; and new Moleskine digital notebook lines. There are accessories too, from Evernote x Côte&Ciel bags to Evernote x Abrasus wallets and bags. Do take note of these noteworthy notables.

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