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Today in Gear: November 6, 2013

Tile It’s great to have stuff. But once you have enough stuff, keeping track of all your stuff can get dicey.


It’s great to have stuff. But once you have enough stuff, keeping track of all your stuff can get dicey. Keys, wallets, bikes, babies, bags — wait not babies — electronics, you name it. Stick a Tile to (or drop one inside) a thing, and once your phone is within 150 feet of the thing the Tile app will home in on the thing. Or, if a thing goes missing, you can send an alert out to the Tile app community and if any of their phones is within 150 feet of your thing their app will discreetly alert you and mark the thing’s coordinates so you can track it privately. $20

Fox Deluxe Caliber Jacket
Motorcycle jackets will do one of two things to a guy: make him look like a doofus or make him look like a badass. If you stick with a jacket that stays true to the simple things that make a motorcycle jacket a motorcycle jacket, you really can’t go wrong. This casual lambskin Fox Deluxe jacket, part of their newly released DLX line — the brand’s first foray into more classic leather jackets — has the right cut, the right look and the right amount of motorcycle jacket to make it a great motorcycle jacket. Dig? $650

Word Notebooks Standard Memorandum Notebook
These chest-pocket-sized notebooks are elegant and simple, having been fashioned after early 20th-century pocket journals: just room enough each day for a couple lines, making them a perfect summation of a year past once each day is full. Only trouble you’ll have is choosing which of your endless aphoristic witticisms to jot down. $11

Xetum Carbon Tyndall Limited Edition
The latest release from Xetum is a 300-piece limited-edition stunner. The entirely black 40mm PVD case shelters a carbon fiber dial, beneath which is one of two movements: either a Sellita SW 260 or ETA 2895 Swiss automatic. A handmade leather strap finishes off the look. You’ll always know the time — because you won’t ever be looking anywhere else. $1695

Polk Audio Woodburne Bluetooth Speaker
Polk’s newest speaker combines elegant wood with a gently curvaceous body — probably for some acoustical benefits, but also to be easy on the eyes. Inside, a 4-channel amp and DSP tech team up to wirelessly stream music and audio from your favorite shows or movies like many devices out there, only this one…ya know…looks good. With six ways to connect your audio, included wired options, you’ll never be stranded without anything to listen to. $700

Tronical Tune
Tronical Tune installs directly onto your current axe, replacing the tuning heads with robotic twisters that do all the work for you. A rechargeable battery will last for about 300 tuning sessions, though each of those only lasts about five seconds and two strums. Different guitars will need different setups, so shop smartly, and then play your little futuristic strummer to your heart’s content. [Editor’s note: We’re well aware the scene that cartoon mocks takes place “long ago and far away” and is therefore not “futuristic”, but this post is about an awesome automatic guitar tuner, not cinematic pedantry, so let’s move on.] $329+

Caterham Bike Division
Caterham just announced they’ll produce a line of bikes in 2014, but Caterham being Caterham, these will be a lot less “beach cruiser” and much more “antichrist”. The Classic E-Bike is a retro-styled Speed-Racer-Meets-TRON affair with a claimed 25-50 mile range; the Carbon E-Bike is a more wicked battery-driven machine, with looks styled after Caterham’s F1 cars and possibly mutant hornets. But the Brutus 750 is where things go beam-us-to-the-mothership-pleeeeaaaase crazy: wheels and tires that wouldn’t look wrong on a futuristic Humvee, a hardcore, motorcycle-like body, on- and off-road capability — Caterham actually refers to the thing as a “two-wheel SUV” — and an available DIY snowmobile conversion kit. Now all we need is a Batcave. caterhamcars.com ()

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