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Today in Gear: December 11, 2013

V.I.O. POV Streaming Camera Real Time Streaming Protocol: look it up.


V.I.O. POV Streaming Camera
Real Time Streaming Protocol: look it up. No, wait; don’t, because it’s obvious, especially with V.I.O.’s camera. This little homie will stream live, 1080p video wirelessly (or via USB) to any web-browser-based device. It’ll withstand water, dust and shocks, which means it can be mounted on a person’s body or pretty much anything else without a second thought. Go all Russian-dashcam on your next dirt bike/base jumping adventure. $500

The folks at Automatic say their device and app combo “upgrade your car’s abilities”, and the thing is indeed sort of Zen Master-ish: it makes you one with your car. Plug the dongle into your car’s diagnostics port and it connects to your iPhone or Android via low-energy Bluetooth. From there, it begins tracking all manner of data, often using your phone’s accelerometer to do so: fuel consumption and MPG, driving habits, how much you drive, where you drive and more, conveniently reporting back to you via a cleanly designed interface. The app alerts you of less-than-desirable behavior (hard braking and acceleration, for instance), and can even detect crashes and alert the authorities should there be a problem. $100

Big Rig Pedal Desk
It seems pretty obvious at first, this — a fully handmade desk (welded steel frames) with bicycle parts that keep your legs moving while you wile away the hours in your office. For a desk jockey who wants to keep his ass from getting fat in the most conspicuous way possible, it’s the ultimate power move. But we mean that literally — with its electric generator kit, Pedal Power Design + Build claims an average gent can “generate 100 watts of electricity, pump 5 gallons of water per minute, grind a variety of grains, as well as operate an air compressor, a hydraulic pump, most any hand-cranked machine, and a variety of small shop tools” just by pedaling like a ripped spin instructor is screaming at him. $2,000+

UrbanEars Humlan Washable Headphones
Since we all make a point to roll in mud while listening to music, it stands to reason that our headphones would occasionally get a bit dirty. The headband and ear cups on this pair pop off and will survive a ride in the washing machine, leaving behind a simple frame that holds together all the electronic guts. $49

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