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Today in Gear: January 14, 2014

Today in Gear, we find a slim new light bulb, pillows that announce airport allegiance, a health tracker for Fido and much more.



Linksys WRT Wireless Router
The ubiquitous wi-fi router has gotten a bit of an upgrade. Side by side with its forbear, Linksys’s new WRT looks positively futuristic, with a heavy dose of homage thrown in; it’s aged well. One Gigabit WAN port, four Gigabit LAN ports, four antennas and open-source tech provide a convincing argument that its improvements are far more than skin deep. With the accompanying app users can monitor and adjust their wi-fi network — parental controls, passwords for guests — and a dual-band signal. Next step: update that ol’ Geocities page you’ve been holding out on. $300

Going for a run but don’t want to jingle-jangle throughout the route? Easy solution: tuck your car keys in this combination lock-protected thingamabob and lock it to your car’s door handle, trailer hitch or anywhere else it’ll fit, and get your run on. They say there’s nothing like hiding in plain sight. $45

Crooked Nose Cold Brew Coffee
We’re talkin’ mud cold brewed for 14 hours, double filtered and hand bottled. We’re talkin’ notes of prunes and apples, cranberries and honey. We’re talkin’ a run of 35 bottles. We’re talkin’ about a beverage you can also use in cooking and baking applications. We’re talkin’ kinda crazy because…caffeine. We’re talkin’ about sold out coffee, but more is on its way (early next month). crooked-nose.com

Philips LED Slim Style
Finally, a light bulb that fits into our old VHS player’s slot. This LED bulb is flat, puts out 800 lumens and should last around 25,000 hours. Which is just long enough for someone to invent a lampshade that only fits flat light bulbs. usa.philips.com

Voyce Health Tracker for Dogs
If your dog is jealous of the fitness tracker you’ve been sporting lately — you fashionable rake, you — he’ll be glad to know there’s a canine solution, so long as he doesn’t mind being constrained by a little extra heft around his collar. Use the smartphone app to monitor his activity, cardio and pulmonary data, calories and more. You’ll begin to see trends via the graphical mobile interface and generate reports you can share with the Vet. mydogsvoyce.com

Airportag Pillows
Be prepared for your next layover. These colorful airport-tag-adorned pillows are perfect for taking a snooze at the gate, or just for decorating that pillow-less couch in your jet-set-themed den. $20

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