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Today in Gear: March 18, 2014

Today in Gear we examine the notebook of the future, your guide to Japanese drinking culture, TOMS’ segue into coffee and 4k-upconverting cords.



Mod Cloud Synced Notebooks
Mod notebooks combine everything you love about your trusty Moleskine with the reference-from-anywhere convenience of the cloud. Fill ‘em up with your writing instrument of choice and then use the included pre-paid shipping envelop hidden in the back cover to send it to Mod. They’ll digitize the notebook for free within five days — giving you access to every page via the Mod app. Syncing pages to other services like Dropbox, Evernote or OneNote is also an option. Once it’s all said it done, have your notebook returned or recycled and move on to the next one. $25

Ryple removes one of the best part of fishing, that is, the bullshitting to other anglers about where the best spots are while actually jealously protecting your own secret honey holes. The app identifies the best fishing spots based around insights — USGS stream gauge, local barometric pressure, and solunar data — and recommends the ideal streams to hit based on when insects and fish are feeding. $2.99 (iOS)

Dockers Wellthread
The king of khakis has introduced a new line of clothes designed to support the lives of garment makers and make less of an impact on the environment thanks to a specialized dying technique that uses less water and energy. Every shirt, jacket, and pant in the series is also built to be durable and easily recyclable once its tour of duty in your wardrobe is done. $48+

Seiki U-Vision Upconverting HDMI Cable
This $50 cord promises to up-convert content from cable boxes and Blu-ray players to sparkling technicolor certified 4k for the rare bastards who own a compatible Ultra HD display. The quality jury is still out for the moment on their overall performance, but compared to upgrading your devices for the 4k revolution, it’s probably at least worth a test run.

Toms Roasting Co.
Toms is bringing their “one for one” consumer philanthropy to coffee. Their new roasting arm promises to give one week of clean water to a person in need for every bag purchased. Time to stop feeling guilty about your pot-a-day habit. $13

Drinking Japan
Japan’s bar scene is one of the most energetic and innovative in the world. Drinking Japan offers a vast array of information on the country’s unique alcohol culture, covering everything from the traditions behind sake, to 150 of their biggest drink brands, to 122 reviews covering must-see watering holes across the country’s major cities. Kanpai! $19

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