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Today in Gear: May 14, 2014

Today in gear we examine, Motorola’s most affordable smartphone yet, a shower for road trips, a light bulb that dims like a sunset, Dropcam’s new tabs and post shaving solution from the Dollar Shave club team.



Dr. Carver’s Magnanimous Post Shave
For those with sensitive skin (this author included), post shave lotion provides a firehose of relief for burning, thrashed epidermis. The guys from the Dollar Shave Club produced an all-in-one non-greasy moisturizer that relieves the burn from your month-old razor and then protects your face with antioxidants. $9

Motorola E
Beside the shelves of overpriced smartphones and 2-year contracts, the Moto E sits with a $129 price tag and no contract. Gorilla Glass resists scratching and shattering, water repellent splash guards help it survive the occasional overturned beer and an extra memory slot expands storage for more songs, photos and video than you probably need. No phone case required. $129

Archimachine Prints by Feberico Babina
Just like your Jimi Hendrix poster in college told the world you were a music lover and stoner, artist Frederico Babina’s new Archimachine series proves you’re a fan of architecture and travel. Each of the 17 prints transforms a different country into a Rube Goldberg machine of sorts, comprised of each land’s iconic structures in addition to well-known motifs. $25()

Saffron Drift Light
Our gadgets are making it harder to sleep — and not because your Facebook timeline suddenly got mesmerizingly fascinating on its 50th redesign. It turns out the blue light from screens suppresses our natural sleep agent. Saffron is a different kind of smart bulb, dimming slowly over 37 minutes, mimicking the average time of a sunset, providing a more natural way to relax and gently fall asleep to dreams of Candice Swanepoel applying sunscreen to your inner thighs. $30

Dropcam Tabs
Dropcam Pro owners can now keep an eye on their valuables or track when windows, doors and outside gates are open via the company’s new wireless tab accessory. Good luck trying to stick one on the back of your better half. $29

Road Shower Solar Shower
The desire to clean off after long mountain bike rides was the inspiration for the Road Shower Solar Shower. The pressurized rack mounted tube securely holds five gallons of water that heats while you drive and includes a hose for spraying off the dusty trail. $299

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