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The Best New Fitness Products of August 2020
Courtesy of Asics, District Vision, Amazon

Recently, Asics released its long-awaited race day shoe, District Vision revealed new anti-fog tech and more.

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Classic Clothing: How to Build a Timeless Wardrobe
Gear Patrol

Sticking with classic, timeless style is your best bet in terms of value. In this video, Gerald Ortiz discussed the five pieces to focus on.

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Jeep's Most Capable Wrangler Ever Is Coming This Year

An FCA presentation suggests Jeep still has a big Wrangler reveal coming this year...and it may be at dealers before the Bronco arrives.

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Wearing a Neck Gaiter Instead of a Mask? It May Be Doing More Harm Than Good
Buff USA

A new study casts doubt on the effectiveness of gaiters as a COVID-19 preventive measure. Here’s what you need to know.

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The Next Nissan GT-R Could Be a Racing-Inspired Monster, and It Could Be Here in 3 Years

High-performance hybrid hardware could take the R36-generation GT-R to the next level, according to a report.

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What's the Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Record Player Phono Cartridges?

What do you get when you upgrade your record player's phono cartridge? A lot.

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This Is the Coolest Pop-Up Camper Van We've Ever Seen

This pop-up camper offers rooftop sleeps a panoramic view, ambient lighting and a climate-controlled cabin.

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15 Low-Calorie Beers That Are Better Than Hard Seltzer

An almost-end-of-summer plea: forgo the White Claw and reach for one of these low-calories beers that tastes better, and is still better for you.

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The 2021 Toyota Venza Is What You'd Get If Lincoln Made a RAV4

Toyota's newest SUV is efficient, sophisticated and remarkably un-Toyota-like.

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A Bentley Designer Explains How Electrification Shapes the Brand’s Future

“Electric cars don’t have to be soulless boxes,” says Bentley head of exterior design John Paul Gregory.

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The Best Style Releases of the Year (So Far)
Gear Patrol

From tees that raised a million bucks for the Black Lives Matter movement to fresh as hell sneakers and more, here are the releases we obsessed about (and still are obsessing about, if we're being honest).

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Cadillac's First Electric Car Is a High-Riding Station Wagon With Tesla-Fighting Range

The Cadillac Lyriq, revealed in concept car form, shows the future of GM's luxury brand: electric power and elegant angles.

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What Are Flieger Watches, and Which Should I Buy?
WIndup Watch Shop

What started as a batch of 1,200 watches made in 1941 for the German Luftwaffe has since become one of the most iconic watch designs in history.

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Hey Office Chair Holdouts, Get Yourself a Seat Cushion at the Very Least

We can't make you buy an office chair, but we can urgently suggest you upgrade from the dining room chair.

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