Today in Gear: 5 Products You Need to Know

Exploring Acronym's Fall/Winter 2021 collection, Marshall's blacked-out earbuds and a "harmonious" new bourbon from Hudson Whiskey.

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What's the techiest part of your daily kit? Is it your computer? Your headphones? Your car? What about the clothes on your back? It's understood that with each passing day, technology — especially in things like computers and electronics — gets just a litle bit smarter and a little bit more powerful. Even if we simply associate this tech boom with the the latest iPhone announcement or the next best gadget, that's not to say other industries aren't tapping into tech to push the metaphorical ball forward. From a brand new whiskey to Ford's production push into the electric truck market, this is Today in Gear.

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The more you invest in your gear, the better things get at Backcountry.
backcountry hikers

Take it from us, the search for the best in gear is never really over. It's exactly why the folks at Backcountry have introduced Expedition Perks — a three-tiered reward system that bestows everything from discounts to personal gearhead assistance. The more you shop at Backcountry, the better the perks.


You want an all-black alternative to AirPods? You got 'em (and they're waterproof).
marshall black earbuds in charging case

Marshall — a company known for delivering top-quality audio on- and off-stage — has stepped into the Bluetooth earbud battle with the Motif ANC. The earbuds are water-resistant with active noise canceling (hence, "ANC") and feature a customizable equalizer through the Marshall Bluetooth app. Oh, and if you're someone who'd prefer an all-black alternative to Apple's all-white AirPods, these serve as a crisp counterpoint.


Ford charges up hiring on back of F-150 Lightning buzz.
person working on new ford

After the thunderous announcement of the Ford F-150 Lightning (pun very much intended), it appears that the Michigan-based automaker has built up quite a bit of hype. So much hype in fact, Ford is investing in production — adding 450 new jobs and pumping in an added $250 million into three separate U.S. facilities. Sounds like the electric truck wars are getting charged up.


Techwear GOAT Acronym blends Loro Piana and Scholler fabrics in new Fall/Winter collection.
man wearing acronym j29 lp modular blazer

You can't talk about techwear without talking about Acronym. The German brand practically pioneered the aesthetic singlehandedly, fusing fashion and function in a way that's nothing short of futuristic. While each collection is an masterclass on how to intelligently design highly-detailed clothing, we're nuts about Fall/Winter 2021's J29-LP Modular Blazer and P38-DS Cargo Pant, which utilize luxe Loro Piana fabric and Scholler DrySkin waterproof textiles respectively.


Hudson's "harmonious" new whiskey blends four-grains in this limited-edition bourbon
hudson whiskey ny
Hudson Whiskey

After relaunching new branding back in September of last year, Hudson Whiskey has been on a bit of a hot streak. This limited-edition new release, dubbed the "Four Part Harmony", blends 60 percent corn, 15 percent rye, 15 percent wheat and 10 percent malted barley. A straight bourbon aged seven years, it's reportedly the oldest offering from the distillery.


Apple Unveils iPhone 13, new iPads, bigger watches–not groundbreaking, just "20% better"

In this week's episode of the Gear Patrol Podcast, we unpack the biggest announcements from this week's Apple Event–made up largely of iterative (but impressive) upgrades, like a 1TB iPhone... Then we talk about the Michelin Uptis, an airless tire that's been expected for years: what do we think about practical use-cases and what are we still wondering about? Lastly, Taco Bell wants their sauce packets back! The company has a new system that allows folks to return their empty plastic packets to be recycled.

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