Today in Gear: 5 Products You Need to Know

Get the lowdown on Amazon's latest Kindle release, a $500,000 archive whiskey auction and Ford's upcoming Bronco Raptor.

dr squatch deodorants
Dr. Squatch

Are all technological advances for the best? Sure we're excited about the constant slate of new products dropping at daily clip, including Amazon's newest addition to the Kindle family or Ford's insanely hyped Bronco Raptor. That said, a world where we need to brace ourselves for Slack's new "Clips" feature — serving up work updates in Instagram Stories-like fashion? Call us old fashioned, but we're fine keeping things text-only. From the future car you're going to be geeking out over to a decade-spanning, half-million dollar whiskey drop, this is Today in Gear.

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Squatch odor with Dr. Squatch's aluminum-free natural deodorant.
dr squatch birchwood breeze deodorant
Dr. Squatch

Presented by Dr. Squatch

Most deodorant options for men are packed with harsh ingredients like aluminum that are hardly good for the body (not to mention your wardrobe). This is where Dr. Squatch comes in, tapping natural ingredients (including charcoal powder and probiotics) to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria and deliver a natural deodorant that works.


Tidy your everyday carry with the key ring co-signed by National Geographic.
orbitkey nat geo key organizer limited edition

OrbitKey is no stranger to streamlining the collection of keys and key items that make up your everyday carry. This key organizer, created in collaboration with National Geographic, uses sustainable cactus leather to hold up to seven keys and features a topographic print of mountains, the ocean or stars on the exterior.


Ford officially confirms the Bronco Raptor for 2022 release.
ford raptor 2022

It's no surprise, the Ford Bronco has been one of the most talked-about car releases in recent memory, taking the space by storm. The Bronco Raptor had been rumored as far back as last fall, but is finally confirmed (albeit without much information) by Ford today. Watch this space in the lead up to the release in 2022.


Amazon upgrades Kindle series with three new models, bigger screens and longer battery life.
all new kindle paperwhite

Announced today, Amazon has unveiled three new Kindle Paperwhite models, boasting a larger 6.8-inch glare-free display, 8GB of storage and up to ten weeks of battery life (and that's just the base model). With the next-gen Paperwhite, the Paperwhite Signature Edition and the Paperwhite Kids, there's a model for every kind of reader in the family.


The Dalmore's decade-spanning auction has us asking: "You have a spare $500,000?"
The Dalmore Decades

Spanning six decades, Sotheby's Hong Kong is teaming with The Dalmore on a single lot auction featuring six rare whiskeys. With vintages stretching from 1951 to January 1, 2000, the projected value of the entire slate of bottles is north of $500,000. With a figure like that, who says you can't buy time?


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