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Sharpen up on Wüsthof's new DLC-coated knives, info for the Apple Watch Series 7 and the latest release in Wild Turkey's Master's Keep lineup.

hands pulling out new razor heads

Is Apple really done with announcing new gear for the rest of the year? After a (can we say... kind of underwhelming?) brief "California Streaming" event back in mid-September, it looked like only iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch fans were the only ones treated to any concrete updates. The last of those updates are coming into fruition as we head into the fall, with details finally dropping on the Apple Watch Series 7's actual release date (more info on that down below) on top of the already-released iPhone 13 and redesigned iPad Mini. Is there more in the tank for Apple in the near future? Rumors are circulating that we might be building towards a surprise Mac-related event in the next few weeks, but only time will tell. Not to toot our own horn, but if you'd like to stay on top of any new Apple-related rumors and product releases, the best thing you can do is read our tech section... and, of course, read Today in Gear.

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Shavelogic's SL5 Welcome Kit is built on over a decade of research.
shavelogic welcome kit

When it comes to perfecting the art of shaving, it's clear Shavelogic has done its homework. With over 10 years of research and 150 patents, the SL5 Welcome Kit introduces shoppers to a well-designed razor — from the guaranteed-for-life handle, to the built-to-last five-blade cartridges. All that to say, the best shave you can buy begins with this welcome kit.


Learn what "DLC coated" actually means with Wüsthof's new "Performer" knives.
performance knives
Williams Sonoma

When we're talking about "DLC coating" in relation to Wüsthof's new "Performer" knife collection, we're not talking about video games or "downloadable content." In this case, a "diamond-like carbon" coating makes Wüsthof's premiere blades — ranging from a Santoku to various Chef's Knives — nonstick and virtually frictionless. It's space-age technology, right in your kitchen.


Apple unveils pre-order (and release date) for Apple Watch Series 7.
apple iwatch series 7

Announced back in mid-September, the Apple Watch Series 7 finally has a proper release date. For those interested in the latest timepiece out of Cupertino — featuring a bigger screen and more durable design (shouts to that IPX6 rating) — fans can preorder starting October 8, with watches hitting shelves a week later on October 15.


Be trail-ready regardless of the weather with adidas' new Terrex windbreaker.
man wearing adidas windbreaker

Adidas' Terrex collection is designed to be ready for any and all types of conditions, so it's not surprising that this runner-friendly windbreaker is packed with tech fabric innovations. From the breathable Windweave shell to the strategically-placed Octa synthetic mesh insulation, this provides optimal venting and heating in equal measure. Oh, and it's packable too.


Wild Turkey adds limited new bottle to its "Master's Keep" series.
wild turkey one bourbon
Wild Turkey

In an effort to provide a more upscale selection to its wider product offering, Wild Turkey has launched several limited whiskeys as part of its "Master's Keep" series. "Master's Keep One" is the sixth addition to the lineup, blending 8 to 10 year old bourbon with 14 year old bourbon in an homage to the individual preferences and tastes of distillers Jimmy and Eddie Russell, respectively.


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