Today in Gear: 5 Products You Need to Know

Round out your week with a Ryan Gosling-approved Tag Heuer Carrera watch, a new set of minimal kitchen knives and... an upscale cornhole set?

spier and mackay dress shirts
Spier & Mackay

Chalk it up to state tax policy or simply the need for more space — it looks like Tesla is shifting its HQ from California to Texas. While Elon Musk noted the ability (or lack thereof) to grow Tesla's physical footprint in the Bay Area, it's hard not to connect the migration to his public complaints over California's COVID-19-mandated lockdowns. Musk personally relocated to the Texas capital — Austin (a city that also has a reputation for tech innovation) — back in 2020. All things considered, this is likely a move long in the making, both professionally and personally. Given that Tesla's easily one of the most popular car labels in California — if not one of the pioneers of the consumer electric vehicle movement — it's going to be interesting to see if and how Tesla's move to the Lone Star State will have a greater knock-on effect across the modern (electric-powered) motoring industry.

For breaking updates and product announcements we're excited about right this minute, this is Today in Gear.

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Spier & Mackay are changing the way we see the classic American oxford shirt.
spier and mackay shirts
Spier & Mackay

Whether you're a student or an executive, there are few wardrobe staples as important as the button-up oxford shirt. Spier & Mackay tune up the menswear classic, starting with 100 percent Egyptian cotton. From the single-needle tailoring to the genuine shell buttons and the brand's signature, generous collar roll, this oxford sets a whole new standard for the classic shirt.


Hast might just be our new favorite kitchen knife supplier.
hast knife

Hast has just popped up on our radar, and we're glad to see it. The 2021 Red Dot design award winner has earned rave reviews from dozens of chefs and publications, thanks to its minimal overall aesthetic and patented matrix powder steel blades. While the sets are moderately priced (all things considered), we'd recommend starting with the standard chef's knife to get a feel for what the brand can offer.


Ryan Gosling fronts Tag Heuer's latest campaign, centered on the Carrera Three Hands.
ryan gosling wearing tag heuer watch
Tag Heuer

It may be a few years since the cult classic release of Drive, but there's no denying that Ryan Gosling makes stuff look cool. The actor fronts Tag Heuer's new campaign, highlighting an updated Carrera Three Hands. The set includes a 39mm date model, a 41mm day date and a 41mm Twin-Time model. Even better, all boast stainless steel cases and an exhibition window on the back.


Q Acoustics' latest release is its most affordable hi-fi offering yet.
q acoustics speaker
Q Acoustics

The British label Q Acoustics is best known for its high performing yet affordable bookshelf speakers, and it has brought that same mantra over to home theater range. The new set of Concept speakers — Concept 30 (standmount), Concept 50 (floorstander) and Concept 90 (center channel) — bring over technologies from its high-end Concept 300 and 500 speakers, and put them in a more affordable package.


Refined cornhole? Tupelo gives the classic backyard game a little TLC.
waiting in line for cornhole

Tupelo might not be a brand you (or I, honestly) have heard of before today, but we're definitely intrigued by its goal to create an upscale version of cornhole. How does this work? It's all down to the details, from the durable composite boards over built-to-last steel frames (to handle all weather conditions), to the proprietary Flyrite bags, expect a set that can be used in virtually every season.


Ask an Expert
quartz watches guide lead
Gear Patrol Studios

A Gear Patrol reader asks: "What are the pros and cons between a quartz watch and a mechanical watch of similar value? What makes a quartz watch (or generally quartz technology) better or worse than a mechanical watch? Does one reign supreme over the other?"

The Expert:
"I’ll do my best with this, though it’s a perennial topic of discussion, debate and controversy (and full of ironies). In terms of performance and efficiency, quartz watches are superior in almost every way. Mechanical movements, on the other hand, are valued simply because they’re viewed as more 'interesting.'"

"Technically speaking, mechanical movements are perceived as requiring more work and care, there’s history to them, and because it’s unusual in this day and age to have something powered by a spring and operating on clockwork. On the other hand, quartz movements often feel like something that was churned out at a factory and consists of a battery and circuit — even though the result is that they're genuinely far more accurate and reliable."

"To simplify it: The discussion between quartz vs. mechanical can perhaps be compared to the way people think about fast food vs. something that’s prepared by an actual cook: It takes longer and costs more — but worth it." - Zen Love, Staff Writer, Watches.

Will Jony Ive and Marc Newson design the first all-electric Ferrari?

Plus: we discuss the growing popularity of livestream shopping and whether it's a trend, or here to stay. We finish with physical biometric security keys: are fingerprint-scanning USB dongles viable tech for average consumers, or too clunky to adopt in the mainstream?

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