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Updates on Oak & Eden's latest whiskey series, Brain Dead's off-road-ready Asics collab and Floyd's new suite of Sonos-ready speaker stands.

oak and eden whiskey
Oak & Eden

Is Sonos the premiere home speaker brand? I'm sure there's plenty of brands that would certainly beg to differ, but given Sonos' massive suite of products, you can effectively have a speaker that fits into nearly every room of your house. From literal tabletop speakers to incognito lamp-speaker hybrids (shout out to Ikea's Symfonisk lineup), Sonos can feel like the beginning and the end of outfitting your home with top-tier audio equipment. Maybe that's why Floyd, a made-in-USA furniture design firm, decided to drop a selection of smartly-designed stands for the Sonos One and Five. After all, they say great minds think alike. For more on that collaboration as well as news from the spirits, sneaker and watch spaces, this is Today in Gear.

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Oak & Eden taps into its artistic side in latest iteration of ongoing Anthro Series.
man holding oak and eden whiskey
Oak & Eden

Oak & Eden celebrates creativity across the spectrum through its Anthro Series. This chapter introduces The Troubadours, a collection of five artists that worked directly with Oak & Eden to add their own flavor (figuratively and literally) to each bottle. This isn't just a bottle redesign, either: Oak & Eden invited each artist to add their spin on everything from the base whiskey to the wood species of the signature Spire.


Brain Dead isn't afraid to get weird on its latest trail-ready Asics collaboration.
Brain Dead

In the crowded world of streetwear, Brain Dead stands out by leaning into its offbeat inspirations. Those motifs manifest here on the label's Asics Trabuco Max collaboration. That said, this sneaker is still ready to go off-road, featuring GUIDESOLE and ASICSGRIP technology for long-distance energy conservation and all-conditions traction, respectively.


Floyd and Sonos might just make your speaker stand your new favorite piece of furniture.
floyd speakers

Elevating the speaker stand in more ways than one, Floyd has taken (what is historically) a purely utilitarian piece of furniture and made it as sleek as... well, a set of Sonos speakers. Designed in collaboration with Sonos, Floyd's two new speaker stands are compatible with the Sonos One and Five and are designed to not just reduce vibrations and provide a better audio experience, but look understated (in a mid-century modern-sort of way).


Cult-favorite Swiss label Nivada releases the manual Chronoking watch.
chronoking watch
Nivada Grenchen

Nivada might not be the first Swiss watch brand you'll think of — it's a historic company that disappeared in the Quartz Crisis — but that's not to say it's not worth your attention. Its SW510 manual movement Chronoking features Super Luminova hour markers and a unique date window at the 12 o'clock slot. With several strap options ranging from leather to steel, it's a watch well worth your time.


Sherry meets tequila: Patrón announces all-new sherry cask-aged añejo tequila.
patrón tequila
Patrón Tequila

We've definitely enjoyed a glass or two of Patrón's tequilas, but sherry cask-aged añejo? That's a new one. Aged in Spanish Oloroso sherry casks for over two years, the amber tequila picks up notes of dates and pear on the nose, with pecans, toasted oak and buttery caramel on the palate. Needless to say, this is one tequila that's ready for cocktails well beyond the confines of the classic margarita.


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