Today in Gear: In-the-Know on New Releases

The return (or reopening) of Yeti's Gear Garage, Swedish work bikes that look straight out of an Ikea catalog and the robot cleaner that has us asking, "what the heck is a sonic mop?"

clean origin studs
Clean Origin

While strides are being made to make electric vehicles more commonplace and attractive here in the United States, in England, it's looking like electric vehicles are an even greater symbol of the future. Starting next year, installing electric vehicle chargers is a mandatory requirement for a variety of new buildings — from new homes to grocery stores (and even properties that have been "substantially refurbished" and featuring 10 or more parking spaces). Designed to dovetail with the rise of personal electric vehicles, the hope is that new homes and developments will make charging as easy as refueling at a gas station. With a major global market like England making a step like this, the hope is that other major motor markets in the west — especially the U.S. — will be able to adopt similar strategies to not just incorporate more EV charging stations, but make electric vehicles more appealing and accessible to the everyday auto buyer. That's not all we're diving into today. Get the details on Yeti's Gear Garage events, Swedish work bikes that look straight out of an Ikea catalog and the robot cleaner that has us asking, "What the heck is a sonic mop?" This is Today in Gear.

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Clean Origin's lab-grown diamonds are a more ethical (and affordable) alternative to conventionally mined diamonds.
clean origin earrings
Clean Origin

Clean Origin is founded on a promise to provide diamonds without compromise. This includes its specialized focus on exclusively lab-grown diamonds, which (on top of generally being more affordable than the conventionally-mined alternative) are more ethical than traditional gemstones — all without sacrificing the quality you'd expect from a top-tier diamond. We recommend starting your shopping with the brand's myriad of Diamond Stud Earrings.


Score wild deals on Yeti gear you can't get anywhere else... literally.
yeti gear garage sale

It's back: Yeti's opening up the Gear Garage. Effectively a sale (though more like a resurfacing) of discontinued Yeti product, this is your chance to snag something you've always wanted and, frankly, likely won't be able to get ever again. This year's event is heavy on drinkware, but given that it's one of the best brands in this space, you're damn near guaranteed to walk away with something you'll be using well into next year (and years after that).


If you ever wanted a hookah that looks like an elegant kitchen contraption, have we got the piece for you.
stündenglass kompact gravity infuser

Despite what it might look like, a Stündenglass is, according to the company, the "maker of the world's first gravity-powered, contactless water hookah." The brand has recently launched its Kompact model, which provides the same tech in a slightly smaller size. Leveraging the power of gravity (and modern design), this is the type of piece for those looking to level up their smoking routine.


We don't know what a "sonic mop" is, but Roborock's S7 makes us want one in our home.
roborock s7

More than just another robo-vacuum, Roborock's S7 boasts the abilities of a "sonic mop." Basically, that means it uses the power of sound and vibration tech — it scrubs a floor up to 3,000 times per minute. With VibraRise™, the S7 intelligently senses the surface, keeping a wet mop off of carpets. Of course, it is also a robo-vacuum, with a smart, auto-empty dock (which means that it automatically returns to the dock when it's full, empties its dustbin, and then gets right back to work).


Let them eat CAKE: Introducing a line of utility bikes designed for work.
work bike

CAKE :work is a new line of utility bikes from Swedish label CAKE — a brand known for its modular electric motorbikes that are designed to go off-road. (Its founder, Stefan Ytterborn, helped shape Ikea's design legacy, and it shows). These new bikes are built with service in mind, including practical details for delivery drivers, craftsmen, park rangers and others who need functional transport to do their job. While fans of CAKE should see similarities in these six new bikes, the major difference is longer battery life and silhouettes that are designed to haul bulky gear and tools.


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