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The return of Stone Brewing's fan-favorite black IPA, plans for Chevy's Equinox EV and Blazer EV and Samsung's massive new monitor make the rounds today.

person riding ducati desertx white motorcycle on sand dunes

Listen to podcasts on Spotify? Well, things might be getting a little more... well, advertiser-y. Teased in 2020 but rolling out on Spotify original and exclusive podcasts today, the streaming platform will present CTA cards (basically, clickable ads) for an advertiser or product that will pop up when an ad or offer is mentioned in the podcast. Said another way: Instead of having your podcast broken up by radio-style ads featuring promo codes, the ad will generate right on your phone, allowing listeners to directly click in to explore the product. If you're someone who loves to score on podcast-related product promos, this is obviously a plus. For those who want to keep ads as far away from their streaming platforms as possible, you can always just not click on the ad — but we admit that seeing pop-ups while streaming a podcast on your phone is definitely annoying, especially if you're a paid user. Bittersweet though it may be, that's not the only news we have today. Whether we're diving into the return of Stone Brewing's fan-favorite black IPA, plans for Chevy's wider EV lineup or Samsung's massive (and we mean massive) new monitor, this is Today in Gear.

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Stone Brewing revives its black IPA nationwide in fan-favorite release roster.
stone brewing sublimely self righteous ipa
Stone Brewing

As part of its "You Voted, We Brewed" initiative, Stone Brewing is bringing back five beers to drop at different points of the season. The event is kicking off with the, "number one, all-time most requested" beer: the Sublimely Self-Righteous Black IPA. The fan-favorite beer will be launching nationwide this month, with other revivals rotating in starting in March, May, July and November 2022.


We love the new Silverado too, but don't forget about the other EVs Chevy has in the pipeline.
general motors chair and ceo mary barra confirmed during her 2022 ces keynote address that chevrolet will launch the chevrolet equinox ev in the 2024 model year

With all the recent hype, you'd be forgiven if you thought Chevy showcased only its 2024 Silverado EV at CES 2022. However, for those not in the market for a major truck, Chevy also revealed plans for Equinox EV and Blazer EV. This is especially important for the Equinox, as it sits as the second-best performer for the brand (and hits on Americans' love of crossover models). Hitting in 2023 for a target of around $30,000, it also utilizes GM's Ultium Platform.


Ducati unveils new off-road model, inspired by 1980s Enduro bikes.
ducati desertx white motorcycle

Ducati's DesertX — inspired by a 2019 concept — has been actualized into a full-on production model. The bike is influenced by African rally race and Enduro bikes (effectively off-roading pedal bikes that are built to go fast and handle downhill descents with ease) of the 1980s. Featuring 21 inch front and 18 inch rear wheels, a long stroke suspension and new frame design, this bike is ready to hit the (off) road.


Samsung's new Odyssey Ark monitor is so big, it can curve over your head.
samsung pc monitor

While curved monitors aren't new, Samsung's massive Odyssey Ark model (sitting at a whopping 55 inches) is the biggest for a brand that already knows how to go big. It also boasts vertical functionality, meaning that when in-use, it was effectively curve over your head (or at least cause you to crane your neck up to view it). It has a 4K display and 16:9 aspect ratio and is set to drop in the second half of 2022. For more from CES 2022, check out our coverage below.


Tom Sachs' (possible) next collab with Nike looks boring... but in a good way.
2022 nike tom sachs sneaker

If you're aware of Tom Sachs' blockbuster "Mars Yard" collabs with Nike, you know that the duo's shoes sell out quick (and flip for crazy prices). The pair's new model, the "General Purpose Shoe" (teased on Instagram, so, as always, take with a grain of salt) seemingly combines the Nike Killshot upper and Waffle One sole for a shoe that looks less "hype" and more "golf dad." Keep an eye out for official drop info on these sneakers.


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