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The readout on Garmin's low-key sport smartwatch, the chaos of UNO "All Wild" and an e-bike that literally has "adventure" in its name.

kershaw 2022 knife

At the end of last week, we spoke about Spotify's push to add... well, more visible ads, while listening to its podcasts. It seems like Spotify users have a little bit more bad news to swallow: If you were waiting for Spotify HiFi, it sounds like you'll be waiting indefinitely. In a thread on Spotify's community site, users have been asking where Spotify's HiFi offering is — especially as competitors like Tidal and Apple Music have either made big pushes to include (or always included, in Tidal's case) lossless and high fidelity audio on their platforms in the past year or so. With Spotify originally saying its HiFi offering would hit in 2021, to enter 2022 with no "timing details to share yet" makes things look a little bleak at best. Spotify's high fidelity woes aside, we're talking about everything from Garmin's new incognito sport smartwatch, Carhartt WIP's new collection and an e-bike that literally has "adventure" in its name. This is Today in Gear.

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Kershaw's kicking off 2022 with a slew of new knives.
kershaw knives laying next to some brussel sprouts, tomato, and asparagus on baking tray

With 2022 officially here, Kershaw is ready to hit the ground running. Boasting plans with several new products and reveals, Kershaw is kicking off the new year with a full-on immersive (and convenient) multimedia event. The online showcase — which opens up today, January 10 — is primed to include products for just about everyone. Head to the link below to get all the details on Kershaw's latest gear.


Digital meets analog on Garmin's new smartwatch.
garmin vívomove sport watch

Garmin's vívomove Sport, at first glance, looks like a fairly straightforward analog watch. That said, looks can be deceiving; a simple tap of the watch face reveals an OLED screen that tracks all the things you'd expect from an activity-focused watch, including: steps, heart rate, pulse, stress levels — on top of calls and text notifications.


Carhartt continues to put stylish spin on workwear for Spring/Summer 2022
man wearing carhartts spring summer 2022 look

Carhartt WIP — the style-focused sub-label of the iconic Carhartt brand — has returned with a Spring/Summer 2022 collection. Incorporating workwear-inspired pieces that have taken over the men's style conversation (think: double-knee pants and Carhartt's Michigan chore coat), the collection also features several pigment dyed pieces, the new “Tide” camo print and vintage hiking-influenced gear.


Enter chaos: Introducing all new UNO "All Wild".
family playing uno

It's probably a good thing that Mattel didn't release UNO "All Wild" until after the holidays; we wouldn't want this level of card chaos disrupting any family gatherings (or dynamics). Just like the classic UNO you know and love, this edition takes out individual color and number cards, and consists only of cards that prompt players to draw, skip turns or swap hands — and, you guessed it, are "All Wild."


UBCO's 2X2 bike has adventure built in (it's literally part of its name).
person riding ubco's new bike down snowy hillside

We've praised CAKE's bikes in the past, and this 2X2 bike from New Zealand's UBCO scratches a similar itch. Coming in both a "Work" and "Adventure" model, we love the latter's on- and off-road versatility, featuring all wheel drive, light weight (155 lbs), cargo capabilities and sturdy alloy 3D frame. Whether you're looking for an alternate form of in-town transport or simply going into the backcountry, this might be the bike for you.


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