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Today in Gear: Close Out Your Week With This News

Wrap the week with the new beer from ex-Cowboys QB Troy Aikman, G-Shock's Rubik's Cube collab and the launch details for the Steam Deck game system.

today in gear january 28, 2022 g shock and rubiks cube

It's no secret that prices have been steadily rising on products across the board. Blame supply chain issues, blame plain old inflation, blame the presence of the pandemic (or a combination of the three), it's starting to become clearer that we'll need to pay more for things as we continue on through the 2020s. One brand that's pumped up prices — but not paid the price for those increases among customers — is denim giant Levi's. Having already increased prices about 10 percent across the board near the end of last year, Levi Strauss & Co. has a "stronger-than-expected outlook" going into 2022. In an interview with Bloomberg, CEO Chip Bergh said, "We’re feeling optimistic about the year ahead despite the inflationary pressures, despite the supply chain challenges, because of the strength and the health of the Levi brand." While this confidence might not apply to other brands or industries (and we're not happy to hear about the prices of jeans going up), it's a good reminder that — when you have a well-designed, truly timeless product — you can weather nearly any socio-economic storm. Levi's aside, wrap the week with the new beer from ex-Cowboys' QB Troy Aikman, G-Shock's Rubik's Cube collab and the launch details for the Steam Deck game system. This is Today in Gear.

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G-Shock's collaboration with Rubik's Cube packs in the charm of the classic puzzle.
g shock rubiks cube watch

It's not hard (unlike, say, a Rubik's Cube) to see how G-Shock pulled off its new collab with the classic color puzzle. Rooted in the GA-2100 model and its octagonal shape, the watch face features a tri-color cube design with an orange pin and green strap holder (an obvious nod to the Rubik's Cube's colors) with an interchangeable bezel. The collab launches in the U.K. on February 9, but we're hoping this makes its way stateside sooner than later.


Introducing Eight: A light beer launched by ex-Dallas Cowboy Troy Aikman.
eight elite light lager

Who knew Troy Aikman wanted to brew beer? Launched earlier this month, the football legend has teamed with the former president of Brewery Ommegang and a few investors to launch "Eight", a low-calorie beer designed, "for those who put in the hard work.” Long story short, we think it's a competitor to Michelob Ultra. If you're interested in trying the brew, it'll be available in Texas starting next month, going nationwide in March.


Valve finally launches the Steam Deck console on February 25.
steam deck gaming console

Intended to release last year, Valve's Steam Deck handheld console will launch on February 25. Designed as a portable way to leverage Steam's large library of PC games, the Steam Deck looks — frankly — a bit like a Nintendo Switch with different tech. Powered by a AMD Zen 2 processor and 16GB of LPDDR5 RAM, the console — which also has a 7 inch touchscreen, two trackpads, USB-A and USB-C ports and up to eight hours of battery promises to effectively allow users to have PC gaming on the go.


Your whiskey collection is a prize possession; it's about time you protected it like it.
whiskey vault

We love top-tier whiskey and we love ostentatious gadgets. These two worlds are simultaneously epitomized in the Whiskey Vault. Literally a bank vault-style case for your bottles, the Taiwanese brand has recently created the (slightly) more digestible Whiskey Vault Mini. Like the OG, the Mini is individually custom-built and designed to look like a literal bank vault — featuring bulletproof glass, a PIN lock and rotating spoked handle. Bottles don't get more protected than this.


You don't know you need a MagSafe charger with a kickstand... until you get a MagSafe charger with a kickstand
portable wireless charger pad with magsafe 15w

We love MagSafe chargers for their simplicity, convenience and rapid charging times, especially when it comes to brands that are cosigned by Apple for peak performance. Belkin's new Boost Charge Pro Charger Pad is slim by design and comes with an extra long 6.6 foot cable and a kickstand, meaning that charging your phone doesn't mean you have to stop using it altogether. Using official MagSafe tech, it's able to charge at 15 watts (aka "fast charging" speeds).


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