Velorbis Leikier Bicycle

Beauty On Two Wheels


Some things are built to be practical. Other things are meant to simply stun onlookers by the sheer aesthetic awesomeness of their design. The Velorbis Leikier Bicycle ($2,995) falls into the latter bucket, and we aren’t complaining. Created through a partnership between renowned custom bicycle manufacturer Velorbis and Danish designer and blacksmith, Lars Leikier, this chrome and white two wheeled beauty was inspired by other motorized two wheeled vehicles. Specifically, the retro motorcycles of the 1950s.

Featuring a patented and one-of-a-kind reinforced steel frame hand-made in Denmark, along with special edition chopper style fork handles, luxury Velorbis components, and cream balloon tires, this limited edition ride is a bike collectors dream. Speaking of dreaming, considering the price, this post is also as close as we’ll personally get to experiencing this bike in real life, but considering how much it satisfies the design connoisseurs on the team, we’re just thankful it even exists.

Check below for more delicious shots of this bike at various angles, and a link to read more about its technical specifications.

Velorbis Leikier Bicycle Gallery

Buy Now: $2,995

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