A Look at the Long-Awaited Jeep Wrangler Pickup

After Jeep confirmed a Wrangler-styled pickup last year, the Crew Chief Concept is now our best look at a production version.

Jeep has teased the idea of a Wrangler-styled pickup for years, and though they confirmed last year that they’ll finally put one into production, what it will actually look like has remained pure speculation. But at the 50th Annual Easter Jeep Safari this year, Jeep Chief Designer Mark Allen confirmed the Crew Chief Concept they brought shows strong hints of the production pickup.

At the event, Jeep remained coy on what would and would not make it into production. The general size and shape of the Crew Chief Concept can be expected, as well as a crew cab style body and possibly a six-foot bed. Unfortunately, Allen was quick to dash hopes of the Kaiser-inspired retro front grille and the “Jeep” logo embossed across the tailgate. Also, whether we’ll see a hardtop or soft top make the final cut is still up in the air. But there’s now confirmation it’s happening, as well as a clear idea of what it will look like — and the time is growing nearer to actually seeing a real-world, Jeep pickup bounding down the rocky trails.

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