The Original Travel Trailer, Made New

The Bowlus Road Chief was the original travel trailer. Now, it’s been revived for the modern-day adventure.


Airstream may be the household name when it comes to travel trailers, but if you think they’re the original makers of the streamlined, mirror-finished aluminum travel trailer, you’re wrong. Wally Byam, founder of Airstream, once worked at Bowlus, and later used the design of the Bowlus Road Chief as heavy inspiration for the now-famous Airstream Clipper. In 1937, the Bowlus Road Chief and Airstream Clipper went into direct competition with each other — but after building only 80 units, Bowlus decided to stop production. The Bowlus name was revived by Geneva Long and her father John back in 2013 with the Road Chief, but the company has now taken a more definitive step into the 21st century with a new addition.

The Limited Edition Lithium+ ($219,000), at 24 feet long and 2,350 pounds, weighs 3,000 pounds less than most trailers its size, and it’s the first travel trailer to be equipped with lithium battery technology, complemented by solar panels to generate store energy for complete off-the-grid operation for up to a week. And if you happen to be towing this rig behind your new Tesla Model X, rest assured knowing the Lithium+ can supply 2,000 watts of charging power and also receive charge from electric vehicles.

Inside there’s a 3 x 5-foot bathroom, full kitchen with stainless-steel countertops, a marine-grade fridge and freezer and an Italian cooktop. Interior creature comforts include two massive skylights, a theater-styled table for extra guests, special wood finishes throughout, and accent pillows and linens. The separate bedroom includes two twin-sized mattresses that can be transformed into a king-sized bed.

It may look like a 70-year-old design, but the new and improved Limited Edition Lithium+ is the travel trailer your next road trip deserves.

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