ARB Created the Classic Off-Roaders of Our Dreams

The Australian off-road brand got its hands on a Land Cruiser, a HiLux a Nissan Patrol and a Defender and the results are magnificent.


During a 1975 overland journey to Australia’s Top End, Tony Brown found himself making numerous repairs to the front bumper of his 4×4. At the time, there weren’t many high-quality accessories for off-roaders, so, not long after he returned to his home in Melbourne, Brown started ARB, making purpose-built accessories for the needs of 4×4 adventurers. ARB’s bull bar became one of off-roading’s most iconic aftermarket parts. Now, to celebrate four decades of off-roading, ARB is sending four extensively modified (naturally) classic 4x4s into the Simpson Desert in central Australia.

1976 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40


ARB wanted to keep this older icon relatively close to stock, lightly modifying it with an ARB bumper, a Warn winch, a snorkle intake and a modest lift of 35mm at the front and 50mm at the back.

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1994 Toyota Hilux


ARB chose the fifth-generation Toyota Hilux because it was the last to be fitted with a live-axel front suspension. ARB added a turbo kit to deliver 40 percent more torque than stock, differential lockers, new suspension and, of course, an ARB bumper.

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1991 Nissan GQ Patrol


Much like Australia’s famed Holden and Ford rivalry, Toyota and Nissan had their own devotees down under, with Nissan’s Patrol playing adversary to the Land Cruiser. ARB’s ’91 Patrol comes equipped with a turbo, new intercoolers, ARB bumpers front and back, and Recaro seats.

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1995 Land Rover Defender 110


Australia’s close proximity to Japan lead to an influx of Far East 4x4s, but Land Rover had its own foothold, too. This Defender required a fair amount of restoration, and remains mostly stock with a few additions from ARB.

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