Your American-Made 6×6 Super Truck Is Here

If you thought the Ford Raptor was all the truck you ever needed, try giving it twin turbos, 600 horsepower and two more wheels.

Hennessey Performance

Few can argue that the Ford F-150 Raptor has left anyone wanting when it comes to pickup trucks. Hell, the bog standard F-150 is more truck than you’ll ever need on a daily basis. But that’s never deterred an American tuning company, like Hennessey, from adding a few more horsepower — or in this case, a few more wheels, as well.

If you bring your Raptor SuperCrew to Hennessey they’ll do you the favor of upgrading your truck with twin turbos, a modified exhaust, a new cooling system and a retuned ECU, all good for more than 600 horsepower. But the pièce de résistance is that mighty third axel. Optional extras like Brembo brakes, beefier wheels and tires and brighter LED lights are just icing on top of the monster truck cake. And all of this comes at a price of just $295,000 (including the donor truck), which is a steal compared to the $430,000 asking price of Mercedes’s 6×6.

Exactly no one asked for another 6×6 super truck, but now that there are options, we’re glad it’s a growing segment.

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