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Found: Cars with Roof Racks, Ready for Christmas Tree Duty

There may be a science to strapping a tree to the top of a Miata, but a roof rack is the right way to go.


It’s that time of year again: the search for the perfect Christmas tree. Whether you go to your local tree farm, grocery store parking lot or go full lumberjack and trek up into the woods to cut down your own Balsam Fir, you’re going to need a safe way to get it to your humble abode. There may be a science to strapping a tree to the top of a Miata, but the better (and safer) course of action is to get a ride with a proper roof rack. Any of these five should do the trick.

2007 BMW 3-Series 328Xi

What we like: As far as modern wagons go, BMWs seem to be consistently the best-looking. Not only does this Bimmer wagon give you the roof length you need for a moderately sized tree, it also has AWD, just in case you plan to head into the woods for that au natural evergreen.
From the seller: Options include Sport, Premium & Cold Weather packages.

Mileage: 133,500
Location: Pipersville, Pennsylvania

Buy Now: $9,995

1990 Land Rover Defender 200TDI

What we like: This Defender looks like it is exclusively meant for you to head out into the wild to search for your ’16 Christmas tree. Not to mention it’s already been painted a festive Santa’s-sleigh red.
From the seller: Great all-around Defender 90 factory equipped with coveted TDI power plant and five-speed manual transmission. The interior is the standard two-seat setup with center console cup holders and storage. The rear section is equipped with two bench seats and tire carrier.

Mileage: 163,022
Location: Charleston, South Carolina

Buy Now: $20,000

1971 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

What we like: Like the Defender, this incredibly equipped FJ40 would be wasted on a tree from the Burger King parking lot. Throw some gear in the back and make a weekend out of it. This Land Cruiser wants you to take your time looking for your tree.
From the seller: First off, these pictures were taken last week, not six years ago. Numbers matching original motor and three-speed Toyota motor, not a Chevy v8.

Mileage: 90,213
Location: Salem, Oregon

Buy Now: $12,100

2012 Volvo XC70

What we like: When the topic of conversation is roof racks, overlanders and wagons are inevitable. And you can’t talk wagons without a decent Volvo.
From the seller: Finding a Volvo wagon in good cosmetic condition can be difficult because most owners use them for their intended purpose as a cargo carrier, but this one is not a disappointment.

Mileage: 94,780
Location: Fort Worth, Texas

Buy Now: $18,500

2013 Audi Allroad

What we like: Where the Allroad excels is that it’s just at home in suburbia as it is in Saskatchewan.
From the seller: This wagon is outfitted with distinct exterior features, such as flared fenders in body or contrasting colors, skid plates front and rear, a unique front grille and aluminum roof rails.

Mileage: 82,725
Location: Buford, Georgia

Buy Now: $23,999

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