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The Very Best Groomsmen Gifts

Say thanks to the folks that are closest to you on one of the biggest days of your life.

gift guide for groomsmen

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So you found the perfect companion, popped the question, got through your engagement and the only thing left to do is tie the knot... Congratulations, that means you're getting married! Better still, you're going to do it surrounded by all of your closest friends and family, some of whom will literally be right by your side at the altar, hopefully showing you the same kind of support they have for as long as you've known them. Of course, you want to say thanks to them for all they've done, but where do you even start?

There's no shortage of possible groomsmen gifts out there — some that are classic (potentially to the point of cliché) and others that might be a bit more unusual (and therefore more difficult to figure out). Maybe you already know what you want to get your groomsmen and you're just trying to whittle it down to the right options or maybe you have no idea and are grasping at straws. One way or another, you're certainly going to find something worth their while (and your hard-earned money) right here on our guide to the best groomsmen gifts. Knock this out of the park and then you can start worrying about what comes next: your first anniversary.

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Deanston Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Don't let the low, low price of this scotch whisky fool you — it just took top honors at this year's International Wine & Spirits Competition with a maximum score of 99. That makes this a unicorn bottle of epic proportions, especially when you consider the price.

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Jacob Bromwell Explorer Flask
Jacob Bromwell

Flasks are as classic a groomsmen gift as they come. But this one is extra special, as it comes from a lauded brand and it's built from a unique material: pewter. If that's not enough, it's also completely handmade and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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Yeti Hopper Flip 12 Soft Cooler

If you and your buddies like to toss a few beers back from time to time, a solid cooler — like this one from Yeti — makes a great groomsmen gift. A bit more portable and packable than hard-sided options, this one still has top-notch insulation and plenty of room for a sixer and some ice.

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Seiko Prospex SNJ025 'Arnie' Watch

Watches are another go-to gift for your wedding-bound buds, but picking the right one is a different story entirely. When it comes to Seiko, the sought-after Japanese timepiece brand, this model — as worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger in both Commando and Predator — is an easy win.

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RTIC Can Cooler
RTIC Outdoors

Nobody likes warm beer. But your groomsmen will never have to worry about that when they sip out of a can housed in this cooler koozie. It can keep cold liquids frosty for up to 24 hours, won't sweat on the outside, and is made from super-tough stainless steel.

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The James Brand Wayland Knife
The James Brand

Especially if your groomsmen are into the idea of EDC, a pocket knife can make a thoughtful and useful gift. That goes double if you choose The James Brand's Wayland with its old-meets-new styling and top-notch materials (like genuine rosewood and S35VN steel).

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Bellroy Apex Slim Sleeve Wallet

Everyone needs a way to carry their money, but not all wallets can stand up to the same kinds of scrutiny as Bellroy's Apex lineup. This modern bifold is slim enough for front-pocket carry, but still boasts outstanding materials, incorporates unique technology and can still hold 6-8 cards.

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Hults Bruk The Agdor Splitting Axe
Hults Bruk

Every outdoorsman needs a wood axe. If your groomsmen claim to be adventurers and don't, fix the problem by gifting them this genuine, high-quality Swedish splitting axe.

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Whiskey Peaks Glassware
Whiskey Peaks

Whiskey Peaks makes a variety of stunning glassware inspired by adventure, making it a great go-to brand for your groomsmen gifts — especially because you can pick and choose based on for whom you are buying.

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Blanton's The Original Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey

Though somewhat cliche, we know few people that wouldn't be excited at the prospect of being gifted something like Blanton's top-notch bourbon. If your groomsmen like a tipple or two, you can't go wrong here.

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Pax 3 Vaporizer Complete Kit
Pax Labs

Perhaps your groomsmen are more of the toking variety, in which case you might want to consider picking up the Pax 3 Vaporizer Complete Kit, which has everything they'll need to start making use of one of the best weed vapes on the market (except for the weed itself).

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Persol 714SM Steve McQueen Sunglasses

Steve McQueen was known as The King of Cool. And while your groomsmen are probably not as cool as the late actor, they can have a fraction of that coolness by donning these McQueen-edition folding Persol sunglasses, which are as timeless as they are convenient and portable.

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Ultimate S'mores Kit
Swoon Living

If you roll with an outdoorsy bunch, skip the cliches and go for something a little more their speed, like this all-in-one s'mores kit, which imbues the joy of the favored campfire snack into a set that can be taken anywhere and used anytime.

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Ferio Tego Timeless Panamericana Cigar
Ferio Tego

Cigars are an old-standard staple for celebrations of all types, weddings included. Snag these cigars for your groomsmen — which made our list of the best cigars you can buy — and light up a stogie to celebrate your impending nuptials.

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Pappy & Company Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup
Pappy & Company

Perfect for lovers of both whiskey and breakfast, this maple syrup was aged for six months in genuine Pappy barrels. It was also made in the USA. Most importantly, however, you'll want to make sure you buy one for yourself, as well as your groomsmen — it's that good.

Bespoke Post
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Bespoke Post Subscription Box
Bespoke Post

For just $45 a month, you can deliver some superb goods from a huge variety of categories — from EDC to the outdoors and everything in-between — right to your groomsmen's front door. And who doesn't love that?

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Fellow Carter Move Travel Mug

Let's be honest: most to-go coffee mugs are ugly. This one from Fellow, however, is a beautiful minimalist masterpiece. It's also vacuum insulated and works with both tea and coffee, making it an outstanding groomsman gift for those who love getting caffeinated.

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Apple AirPods Max
Now 13% off

With five different colors, a bevy of outstanding tech features (like Siri integration, noise-canceling, a transparency mode and more), and Apple's signature styling, you could do far worse than gifting these cans to your groomsmen.

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Cool Material Lock Pick Training Kit
Cool Material

Let's say you and your groomsmen are drawn to puzzles and/or spy movies. Well, then you may want to take a big swing on your gifts and try out this lockpicking kit, which will help your best friends brush up on their espionage skills.

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Armbar Drive - Onyx

One of the handiest things anyone can carry, a multi-tool makes a great gift, especially for the DIYers out there. If your groomsmen like to handle things themselves, they'll probably love this budget-friendly EDC marvel.

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Red Wing Heritage 6-inch Classic Moc
Red Wing Heritage

Every man needs a nice pair of work boots, but not every man is smart enough to spend their money wisely. Fix that by gifting your groomsmen these Red Wing boots that are genuinely worth their weight in gold, at least as far as styling, construction and capabilities are concerned.

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Trova Go Plus Biometric Safe

For frequent travelers that bring along small, expensive, cherished items (like watches, perhaps?), this biometric safe can be a secure lifesaver. For destination weddings especially, this makes a great groomsmen gift.

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Patagonia Black Hole Duffel Bag 55L

Every man should have at least one good go-to weekender bag. Patagonia's Black Hole is certainly amongst the best, is relatively affordable and makes for a great groomsmen gift.

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Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival
Adams Media
Now 39% off

Know what's exceptionally valuable? Education, especially in regards to practical useful skills. For the outdoorsman (and perhaps your groomsmen), there's no better tome than this one — loaded from cover to cover with lifesaving survival skills.

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GrowlerWerks uKeg Go Carbonated Growler

Great for those who love to make their own beer, kombucha, soda and/or whatever other bubbly beverages are out there, this 64-ounce growler makes an outstanding groomsmen gift.

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Crocs All-Terrain Clog

Sure, Crocs are a little ugly. They're also wildly popular and absurdly comfortable. These ones also have the added benefit of an all-terrain outsole, making them a thoughtful, useful gift for groomsmen that enjoy the outdoors.

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Outerknown Blanket Snap Jacket

Carry a blanket around with you everywhere and you'll look like Linus from Peanuts. Wear this shirt-jacket and you'll feel like you're wrapped in a cozy blanket all day long but without the hassle and unwanted attention from gawkers.

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