The Top 5 Best-Sounding Porsches of All Time

The best sound bites you’ll hear all day.


Porsche has been digging through its immense factory garage and showing off a few favorite models, in a new weekly video series.

Last week, Porsche of Manager of Historical Archives Deiter Landenberger went through the top five rarest Porsches in the collection, including a 1992 964 911 Turbo S, a 1981 924 Carrera GTS, a 911 GTS, a 1984 911 SC/RS and, in the number one spot, the 356 America Roadster, of which only 16 were built.

This week Porsche picked out the five best sounding of the marque’s cars. No spoilers on which car gets the top spot — but know that it’ll be hard to disagree

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