Have a Costco Membership? You Can Get a Great Deal on a New Audi

A more compelling reason to re-up your Costco membership than scoring that gallon jar of Grey Poupon.

audi s7 sportback tdi

Consumer habits are changing. And perhaps you've let that Costco membership lapse because mingling with a horde of people indoors to score a gallon-sized Grey Poupon jar may not seem like a great idea currently. But a new Audi promotion through the Costco Auto Program may entice you to re-up that membership.

According to CarsDirect, Costco members are eligible for Audi employee pricing on 2020 models through Sept. 30. That employee discount, 10 percent off MSRP, is substantial. Crucially, you can pair that discount with other incentives. If you're in the market for a new $130,000-plus Audi S8 sedan, you could get $13,000-plus off. The S8 is also eligible for a hidden $4,000 dealer cash incentive and if you're a current Audi owner, a $1,000 loyalty discount.

There are some catches, alas. Not every Audi model is available. The discount won't apply to any performance RS models, so you will stay have to pay full-freight for that RS 6 Avant. The A3, S3, and Q5 are excluded from the pricing deal. You will be able to get the promotion on the large SUVs — the Q7, SQ7, Q8, and SQ8 — but not until July 25. The Audi dealer must also be part of the Costco Auto Program network, which may limit model availability in certain areas.

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