Porsche's New 911 GT3 May Pack Awesome Race Car Tech

Porsche's new 911 GT3 is due to arrive in early 2021. It will reportedly get a manual and some new tech from Porsche's racing division.

porsche 911 wind tunnel

Porsche is still in the midst of transitioning from the 991-generation 911 to the 992-generation model. We’ve seen the base Carrera, Targa and Turbo models unveiled — but we’re still waiting for the next-generation GT3, which Porsche may have teased in its Super Bowl ad. Now, Australian outlet Which Car has reported some key details about the new GT3 that have us even more excited

Porsche's new 911 will reportedly feature a race car "swan neck" wing

Which Car says Porsche will offer a so-called "swan neck" rear wing on the new GT3. Porsche has previously used the design on race cars.

A car's wing (a.k.a. a spoiler) functions like an airplane wing, just in reverse; the wing gets the air moving faster under the wing, creating lower pressure underneath to force the car down (thus creating downforce). The swan neck wing places the mounts on the top of the wing, rather than the bottom. Moving the mounts promotes airflow under the now-unobstructed rear wing.

These wings allowed race cars to produce more downforce (about 16 percent) after rules changed to reduce wing size. The swan wing, while less aggressive than the racing version, should have a similar effect on the road car. The report does not say whether that wing will be standard or a (probably pricey) option.

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The new 911 GT3 should keep the purists happy

The report also says Porsche will be sticking with a naturally aspirated flat-six engine for the GT3. Porsche will also continue offering a six-speed manual transmission option in addition to the seven-speed PDK. Keeping the stick shift is probably a necessity, since American GT3 buyers really like manuals.

Porsche should reveal the new 911 GT3 early next year

Which Car says Porsche has a reveal event for the 911 GT3 penciled in for the first quarter of 2021. The original plan was for the GT3 to debut at the 2021 Geneva motor show; however, that event has already been canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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