Our Favorite Oddball Cars of the Geneva Motor Show 2017

The 2017 Geneva Motor Show brought out the big guns.

Bryan Campbell

At every auto show, you’ll find big-ticket manufacturer reveals and concept cars that garner all the headlines, with a few tuner companies, startups and smaller design house projects sprinkled in between. Usually, that’s accompanied by plenty of floor space filler — lame cars you wouldn’t even glance at in the grocery store parking lot.

But the 2017 Geneva Motor Show brought out the big guns. Of course, there were the cars everyone (especially us) was looking forward to. But plenty of cars that didn’t make headlines certainly caught our attention.

The Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG003S

Cameron Glickenhaus set out to build a car that he could drive from his garage to the 24 Hours of Le Mans, earn a class-win with and then drive home again. First, he built the SCG003C, which he endurance raced with some success at the Nürburgring. Then he built the SCG003S — basically the same race car in full civilian trim. Apparently, it’s still just as capable on the track.

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Hybrid Kinetic Group H600 by Pininfarina

Sitting next to the Pininfarina-designed EF7 Vision Gran Turismo, the H600 looked a little sedated — even with its pillarless suicide doors.

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David Brown Automotive

Bespoke car builders often attempt to stretch classic proportions and style over modern cars to create something entirely new, and it doesn’t always work. But in the case of the David Brown Automotive Speedback GT, it depends on how you look at it. From some angles, the hand-formed body panels perfectly represent the vintage era to which they’re clearly harking back. From other angles, it looks like a resto-mod attempt akin to the 2002 Ford Thunderbird. Though no one can deny the level of attention to detail throughout the car, especially the well-appointed interior.

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Ford unveiled an all-new Fiesta in Geneva but did the hatchback a disservice by sitting it next to a collection of vintage Escorts, essentially stealing the spotlight from itself.

Two More Vintage Fords


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Renault F1

Sitting right next to the Infiniti Project Black S was the Renault Formula 1 car, from which the former’s hybrid tech is derived. It’s not uncommon for previous years’ F1 cars to make the rounds at auto shows, but most of the time you’ll see a hollow show car. The cut-away engine cover gave show-goers a rare glimpse into a modern Formula 1 hybrid engine.

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Mercedes X-Class

It was nice to finally see the Mercedes pickup in the metal. Though it sort of looks like a run-of-the-mill Apple product on the outside, the interior is full of woodgrain trim, Alcantara leather and hand-stitched seams — classic Mercedes. If only it was based off the G550 4×42 and not a Nissan Navara.

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Brabus 550 Adventure 4×42

Speaking of the G550… You can always count on Brabus to take an already ridiculous Mercedes and ratchet it up a few more notches. Instead of going the uber-luxe route, like Mercedes did with the Maybach Landaulet, Brabus went all in on the overland end of the spectrum. We approve.

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