This Is Exactly How Vintage Ford Broncos Were Meant to Look

Baby blue, fast as hell and guaranteed to be flawless — the vintage 4×4 of our dreams.

There’s not a living soul who wouldn’t want to learn more about this gorgeous beast, so congratulations on having a pulse. In fact, it’s all we could do to stop drooling long enough to write something. Suffice it to say, Classic Ford Broncos, out of Powell, Ohio, is doing glorious things with Ford’s vintage off-road darling.

The company churns out build after build, which you can see on the site, though most have already been sold to extremely fortunate buyers with excellent taste. The company’s latest creation is still available, however, and it is none other than the “Naples” build: a metallic baby blue over what CFB itself touts as a “crazy fast truck” (and we love crazy fast trucks). That pretty much goes without saying, given the classic 5.0-liter V8 underhood and the sturdy-but-light convertible configuration. Beach cruiser, workhorse or show pony — this is the four-wheeler dreams are made of.

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