Porsche Has 6 Cool New Models Coming Soon, Report Claims

The 911 GT3 and the station wagon version of the Taycan lead the charge.

porsche mission e gear patrol lead full

Considering Porsche only offers six model lines — 911, 718, Cayenne, Macan, Panamera and Taycan — it's rather impressive how many variants the company manages to crank out. Every year, it seems, sees a few new Porsches roll onto the scene, be it all-new models, mid-life facelifts or just new trims designed to delight enthusiasts.

And it seems that even the massive coronavirus-related disruptions of 2020 aren't putting too much of a hiccup in the carmaker's plans. By digging around in Porsche's model year 2021 VIN decoder, one of the users over at the Taycan EV Forum discovered evidence of six new 2021 models that you can't currently find in the carmaker's showrooms.

The most interesting of the discovered models for enthusiasts, no doubt, is the 992-generation 911 GT3 and GT3 Touring (i.e. the one without the big wing in back). We've been waiting with breathless anticipation to see the new GT3 ever since Porsche slipped an apparently glimpse of it into their Super Bowl ad last February; while the exact details remain to be revealed, we fully expect it to carry on with the 4.0-liter naturally-aspirated flat six and choice of dual-clutch or six-speed manual transmissions, and deliver at least 500 horsepower of shrieking fun.

Nearly as exciting, however, are the quartet of Taycan Cross Turismo variants set to drop in model year 2021. The Cross Turismo is expected to be, in effect, the production version of the Mission E Cross Turismo concept seen above: a station wagon version of the Taycan with a slightly lifted suspension and perhaps a dash of body cladding. The VIN decoder reveals it'll arrive in four models, analogous to the quartet of trims the regular Taycan comes in: Cross Turismo Turbo S, Cross Turismo Turbo, Cross Turismo 4S and base Cross Turismo (which, like the base Taycan, may not come to America, at least not immediately).

Boxster fans will also be scoring a new addition to their favorite lineup, according to the VIN list: the 718 Boxster 25 Year Edition, which, presumably, will be a tribute to the Boxster's quarter-century of existence. The secrets of the VIN reveal that, like the 718 Cayman/Boxster GTS 4.0, it'll use a 394-hp four-liter flat six, which is sure to make it even more alluring to those of us who normally don't care about commemorative editions.

Of course, keep in mind these are just the 2021 model year cars in Porsche's VIN decoder. The calendar year 2021 will no doubt include the reveal of plenty of 2022 model year Porsches, which will surely bring even more delight to our lives. Fingers crossed for that 911 Turbo S Targa...


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