Chevy Might Bring Back the Bigger, Tougher Suburban HD

The heavy-duty Suburban has been absent from the lineup for years, but a GM exec's comments suggest one may be coming.

2021 chevrolet suburban z71

On October 27th, General Motors announced the delivery of the first new Chevy Colorado-based Infantry Squad Vehicle to the U.S. Army. During the announcement, GM’s VP of Global Product Programs Tim Herrick was asked about other GM tech that could have defense applications. According to GM Authority, he started kicking around the idea of producing a new heavy-duty Chevrolet Suburban .

“I have full-size truck stuff in my blood, right? So I understand what it takes to make a light-duty truck, a heavy-duty truck, an SUV, make them all together architecturally work, and then expand that architecture, whether it’s putting batteries in, or different engines and the like,” Herrick said. “Expanding the architecture architecturally would be great. And with that, then you bring, maybe a heavy-duty Suburban.”

Chevy has not built a Suburban HD since the carmaker debuted the newest generation. The last generation Suburban 2500HD and 3500HD models were only sold as fleet vehicles, often to the U.S. government. The latter offered more than 2.5 times the payload of the standard 1500 Suburban, making it an ideal vehicle for armoring (one of the reasons it appears in so many films). It also started around $80,000 — $30,000 more expensive than the standard Suburban.

Now, a caveat: keep in mind that Herrick's comments are not confirmation of a new heavy-duty Suburban entering production. And while the idea of a Suburban with a more powerful engine, upgraded suspension and added capability may be appealing to many of us, it’s not clear whether that Suburban would even be offered to civilians.

Besides, if scoring a heavy-duty Suburban to be your supremely overqualified kid hauler is important to you, we were able to find one used 2017 Suburban 3500 HD on AutoTrader. It only has about 33,000 miles, and the price just got knocked down to $49,995.


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