Hennessey Is Planning a Wild, Supercharged V8-Powered Ford Bronco

Forget EcoBoost. Hennessey's custom Bronco packs 750 horses of AbsurdBoost.

hennessey bronco

If you've been a car enthusiast for a while, odds are good you know the name Hennessey. The Texas-based company started out decades ago souping up Dodge Vipers, and over the years has expanded into hot-rodding the hell out of basically every big, burly vehicle to come out of Detroit (and often other places as well, as their lineup of extra-spicy Audis, Lambos and McLarens reveals). As with the Big Three, trucks and SUVs have become Hennessey's bread and butter in recent years, with overly-potent Rams, F-150s and Grand Cherokees coming to represent a mighty share of their modifications.

So it really shouldn't be a surprise that Hennessey has big plans for the new Ford Bronco.

Still, even by Hennessey's standards, the plans for the new Bronco are ambitious. Instead of simply squeezing more power out of the 2.7-liter turbocharged V6 (which, to be fair, is pretty easy to do), the aftermarket shop is planning to wedge the 5.0-liter Coyote V8 found in the Ford Mustang GT under the hood...and then supercharge it.

If all goes according to Hennessey's plan, the resulting Velociraptor V8 Bronco will pound out 750 horsepower — enough for a claimed 0-60 mph run of 4.5 seconds. To help distinguish it from other, lesser Broncos, the shop will outfit the V8 versions with bigger wheels and tires, an aftermarket suspension upgrade, a new hood with an integral scoop, an upgraded leather interior and a new exhaust system to make the most of that eight-cylinder exhaust note.

All that won't come cheap, though. While a basic Bronco starts at $28,500 and a loaded one runs close to $70,000, the Hennessey Velociraptor V8 Bronco will set you back a cool $225,000 — a sum that could buy you a loaded Bronco, a loaded Ram 1500 TRX and a Corvette Z51. Still, if you want the ultimate new Bronco, spare no expense...you might want to give Hennessey a call.


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