Toyota Made the Perfect Trailer for Overlanding in a Tacoma: A Second Bed

For when you have more Tacoma parts than you know what to do with.

toyota tacoma camoer

The 2020 SEMA Show that features some of the year's biggest aftermarket part debuts is still happening, albeit virtually this year. And major manufacturers are still debuting exciting custom concepts, such as Chevy’s electric K5 Blazer-E. Toyota has unveiled a few of its concepts for this year’s show...and one of them should delight both Tacoma and overlanding enthusiasts.

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The Toyota Tacoma is an off-road beast — and, thus, a popular vehicle for overlanding trips. And while you can undoubtedly rig out the truck itself, you probably need a camping trailer to outfit a full-service campsite. The trailer needs to be tough enough to follow the Tacoma over a trail. Toyota, thus, came up with perhaps the ideal solution: a camping trailer made from a Tacoma truck bed.

The Tacoma Sport Trailer they built is fully loaded. It comes with a sink, shower, toilet and running hot water. It has a propane stove, a Yamaha generator and a Dometic refrigerator/freezer. The trailer also has a reinforced rack you can use for gear storage or as the base for a rooftop tent. That’s pretty much everything you need, beyond a few overlanding odds and ends.

Sure, the Tacoma Sport Trailer comes off a bit like the Plymouth Prowler’s weird trailer. That said, the Tacoma, a definitively cooler car, comes far closer to pulling it off. We doubt Toyota is considering bringing the Tacoma Sport Trailer into production. If Toyota wanted to build a trailer, there would probably be easier and more cost-effective ways than sawing a truck in half. But, hey...if there’s enough interest in sawed-off Tacomas, who knows?


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