Here's the Basically-Brand-New Toyota FJ Cruiser You've Been Dreaming Of

Wish you could still buy a factory-new FJ Cruiser? We found the next best thing.

toyota fj cruiser

Toyota discontinued the FJ Cruiser in the U.S. market after 2014. The boxy off-roader, which was designed a nod to the iconic FJ40 Land Cruiser, was quirky, interesting and capable; but Toyota also had the equally rugged, cooler-looking, more spacious and legitimately four-doored 4Runner that would appeal to more buyers, leaving the retro-styled FJ as something of an outlier.

These days, however, the FJ Cruiser does have a small but formidable enthusiast community that has kept the drum beating for the three-wipered stallion on the used market. If you count yourself among them, and your greatest desire would be getting your hands on a brand-new FJ Cruiser, you really shou;d check out this one that popped up for auction on Cars & Bids.

It’s a 2014 model year version painted Iceberg White ,with a gray cloth interior. It only has 400 miles on it — in other words, it's basically never been driven. It has a five-speed automatic instead of the manual gearbox, but, hey, no car is perfect.

toyota fj cruiser

During their time with it, single owner added $6,200 worth of options, removed the roof rack...then stashed the FJ Cruiser in a climate-controlled garage and (almost literally it seems) never drove it. Even stranger, it was apparently leased. The owner leased it, then bought it after the lease, and yet never drove it. According to the seller, the owner bought it to replace a daily driver — a Toyota, we’re assuming — that never wound up dying.

How much will it cost you to score this mint FJ Cruiser? A lot. The bidding for it is already up to $37,000, with four days left to go on the auction. That’s already enough to buy a brand-new 4Runner.


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