Aston Martin Has No Plans to Ditch Gasoline Anytime Soon

Aston's gas-powered engines will stick around into the 2030s.

black aston martin vantage
Aston Martin

If things keep changing the way they are, the years past 2030 may not be all that friendly to new internal-combustion-powered cars. Countries like Germany and the United Kingdom plan to de-ICE showrooms by banning the sale of new gas- and diesel-powered cars by that era; not surprisingly, many automakers — especially those based in said countries — are planning on moving hard into EVs in the same timeframe.

But while the likes of Bentley may go all-in on EVs by the 2030s, their compatriots over at Aston Martin seem unlikely to do the same. At least, that's what the carmaker's chairman, Lawrence Stroll, has to say about it.

There are "always going to be enthusiasts" who want gas-powered cars, Stroll said at the the Financial Times Future of the Car summit, according to Autoblog. "By 2030, 5% of business will still always be ICE. I never see it going down to zero," he added.

In keeping with such a statement, Aston Martin has no plans to give up on internal combustion engine development anytime soon, as he revealed. While Aston will continue to source its engines from AMG — part of the increasingly-tight web of connections between Daimler and Aston Martin — Stroll says future cars will use units that have greater differentiation from the ones found in sporty Mercedes models.

"Our current AMG engines are just that: AMG engines in an Aston," Stroll said. "With this new deal, we will have bespoke AMG engines for Aston with different outputs, torque characteristics, etc."

Of course, if the U.K.'s plans go through as currently scheduled, owners won't be able to register their gas-powered 2031 Astons for street use. Still, that might not be a problem: the carmaker has already found a nice niche building cars that aren't street-legal, from the Bond-spec DB5 Goldfinger Continuation to the volcanic Vulcan. And Aston Martin also has plans to build plenty of electric vehicles starting around the year 2025, as well — not under the Lagonda sub-brand as previously planned, but wearing the same proud name as the Vantages and DB11s of today.


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