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The First EV Camper Could Arrive Soon, With Help from Lordstown Motors

Lordstown has entered a partnership with Camping World that could have exciting implications for....well, the camping world.

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Ohio-based Lordstown Motors is building the Endurance pickup truck, one of the electric vehicles we can't wait to drive. The Endurance will be more of a standard work truck than the Tesla Cybertruck...albeit a standard work truck will still have up to 600 horsepower. And unlike the Bollinger B2, it will start at less than $50,000 with the federal tax credit.

But that could just be the tip of the iceberg. Lordstown Motors has announced a partnership with Camping World, America's largest RV retailer, which could have some exciting implications for, well, the camping world.

Camping World, notably,gets access to Lordstown Motors' EV tech. Projects will range from a mass-produced e-RV based on the Endurance truck platform to camping trailers powered by lithium-ion batteries that could offer range-extending power for their tow vehicles.

Camping World, in exchange, gives Lordstown Motors access to its nationwide network of 170 service centers for repairs and charging stations, which should be a strong selling point for both Lordstown's fleet and commercial customers.

Electric overlanding and camping recreational vehicles should be a natural fit — and a huge growth market in the future. The easiest passenger cars to convert to EVs are the large trucks and SUVs people take off-road. One of the most lucrative EV markets in upcoming years will be commercial fleet vans like the electric Ford Transit and Mercedes eSprinter — the sort of vehicles many convert into camper vans. Range may be an issue, but one would hardly say fuel expenditure is an inherent part of communing with nature.

Getting into the e-RV game early could be a leg up for Lordstown Motors, who don't have the visibility of Tesla or the big-time investor interest of Rivian. Lordstown Motors is currently best known for recent Trump-Pence photo-ops.


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